Wednesday, April 2, 2014

car accidents are stupid..

Man life is going at break neck pace.. I don't get it, how can I blink and POOF! a month goes by?! Was rear ended for the first time in January.. and ive been screwed up ever since. But i'm seeing a PT who has EDS!! And while progress is crazy slow cuz, as my hubby put it.. I'm like a whack-a-mole- ya pop something in and something else pops out! but least the PT lady is pretty awesome =) im having to sleep in a soft collar neck brace now.. cuz otherwise I wake up with really bad pain and spasms and pinched nerves and stuff. I have this lovely right shoulder blade pain that I can't tell what it is when it happens.. its been everything from a vertebrae popped out, a rib popped out to a pinched nerve in my neck causing referred pain to that general area. Learning different ways to get my own ribs back in place though which has proven rather handy (when I can tell if its my I cant seem to do jack around the house besides work my 3 days. When I try to do something on my day off besides lay on my butt- i end up paying for it the following week. Do have a TENS unit now, hoping the car insurance folks don't put up too big of a fight paying for it. Probably gunna get a lawyer... just cuz I have a feeling im gunna be in treatment for awhile and they haven't been the most forthcoming about stuff. Apparently we gotta get my little neck muscles to turn back on and stop the big muscles from spasming. Too bad hubby isn't a thatd sure be handy. alright i gotta go to bed.. got work tonight. didn't get through half my to-do list =( but im also PMS'ing so I think I deserve a little break.. just wish the giant stack of mail would sort itself.. and someone else would call the medical insurance company and figure out whats wrong with all these damn bills...

Friday, November 22, 2013

Oh the weather is wrecking its havoc.

whew.. life is busy. Hubby is starting his own business, 15 yr old step kid moved in and has now been suspended from school (tryin to figure out what to do with that and her schooling.. gotta find that girl some direction, wish the humane society had some volunteer openings!) and struggling with monies d/t the hubby job change and sudden expense of a teenager (in addition to the 8 yr old).. AND dealing with my narcolepsy stuff interfering and EDS interfering.. Adderall just isn't really cutting it anymore and the sexual side effects are really screwing stuff up.. Doc wants me to try Xyrem (otherwise known as...the date rape drug! only approved for N). But my last sleep study was once again inconclusive, and although the doc decided to put the Narcolepsy diagnosis down anyway, I still need the sleep study before I can Xyrem.. (its for better quality sleep, side effects can be kinda scary but maybe it'll help?). Im so sick of being friggin so tired.. so that means I have to go off my meds again.. and when its the last few days of it? I can't work cuz i can barely function without them... i need to be off the desipramine far longer than last time- took a long time for it to get out of my system before (probably why it was inconclusive, brain didn't go back to normal for like.. over a month last time). gunna hafta take time off work again. Hmph. I tweaked my neck laying in bed yesterday, and then this morning woke up and subluxed a rib in my back by brushing my hair... might have got it back in place by following some of the suggestions on the EDS group, though still pretty tender where the muscle was pissed off. Yay muscle relaxers? got put on call tonight. didn't care either way but with the sudden wayward rib, probably a good thing. Hard to open doors and lift patients and crap when i get really bad pain right under my right shoulder blade with near any muscle use of my back/arms, not to mention turning my Mom is getting a hip replacement and she is a bit terrified... but the pediatrist actually might be able to help her foot! he is going to make a super specialized orthotic to get her through the hip surgery and recovery.. and then wants to do this SUPER NEVER BEFORE PERFORMED surgery to basically redo her entire foot... said the bone structure is totally goofed up, has severe arthritis throughout her foot but remains crazy flexible/moveable throughout.. gradually her bones are shifting to the side, so that ALL the pressure of her foot in on one or two toes/metatarsals.. and thats likely whats causing most of her pain! He said hes never seen anything like it but he actually might be able to help. He put a metatarsal pad on her foot- almost on the outer side of it, and it relieved the pain shes been dealing with forever! so.. we'll see?! he said itd have a 6+ month recovery but it might give her function of her foot back.. shes been in severe pain and her toes are dislocating on their own (and one of them loses circulation and turns purple so she has to tape it/pad it to prevent that). Anyhoo.. hes hopeful, last doc wanted to amputate her worst toe and call it good.. but thats not the problem. oof.. should go do stuff. ta ta..

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wee wedding toys!

So... uh.. I'm generally pretty friggin cheap/frugal and I often will oogle something for years before I finally get it if I ever get it at all (kinda the opposite of my hubby sometimes but he is getting better lol).. However.. My coworkers threw me a "Camping" themed bridal shower (after-the-wedding) and got me like.. a ton of awesome camping supplies we have been wanting/needing! And then 2 of them also gave me gift certs! $50 ones to target! holy crap! Then when I was looking at some coupons online (yup, I coupon but only when I have the time for it, it took a hiatis during the whole.. wedding time)- I saw a $25 off coupon off a foodsaver, which is something I have wanted forever.. So.. I talked it over with T and off we went to Target. Did my research to decide to get the inbetween-price-range one. It was on sale and I also had my coupon and $100 in gift certs.. So i got my foodsaver for all of $6! =) woot! Its awesome =) I wanna re-package everything in the freezer! We also got an ice-tea maker (which I actually really like), and 2 Belgian waffle makers (which we are keeping, cuz one does 2 of them and one does 1 and well, that only equals 3 waffles at a time and it takes forever to make enough for the family when we make regular waffles! and one of them is kinda cool, it has little perferation-like-shapes so U can pull em apart and have "waffle sticks" which the kiddo absolutely loved when I made home-made-strawberry sauce and belgian waffles the other day!). Anyway.. T also wants a Juicer and possibly a soda-stream thingy. We have some more cash and checks and a few more gift cards.. though we realllly need a patio set! My only hesitation with his juicer is i really don't see him using it at all! And besides, he got his $300 friggin camera with half the monies.. which he won't keep in a neutral place so we can both use it! .....*grumble grumble* Pre-wedding, I bought a "spot bot" with the wedding budget monies cuz i really wanted moms awesome punch and it was red/pink and was worried about spills.. so i justified it. And ended up not needing it! lol But... our landlord does these yearly inspections and we had this big ol long stain (lord knows from what!) in the living room I had only half-cleaned with lots of scrubbing.. So tonight I busted out the spotbot, read a bunch of reviews saying to use less detergent etc. and after setting it up and letting it do its thing- the whole area is lookin pretty darn good!! YAY!! Plan to use this sucker everytime our cat Tiki Pukes up orange food... Hermit crabs are gearing up to molt again.. Hannibal is checking out shells like crazy and digging lots of holes and I know Bill is already down there doing his thing cuz I haven't seen him for more than a week. Im a bit worried about Clarisse, she isn't smelling fishy but she also hasn't moved in about a week =( I ended up isolating her cuz of a few other things.. keep ur fingers crossed? I used my exercise bike for a good week and then got side tracked with the daily nature of it.. hmph. I really do better every other day but then I have a harder time doing it.. should go food-save something. like the extra waffles I made. Or all the meat in the freezer.. or maybe throw something in the crockpot.. hmm..

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

puerto rico and wedding recovery.

We did it! We got married (and it appeared to go off without a hitch only because i have some amazing friends and family.. 2 individuals in particular that i feel forever indebted to!) and then.. we went to puerto rico!! I managed to only get a very faint sunburn one day (I'm a redhead with near albino-pale skin lol) that I didn't use sunblock cuz we were zip-lining in the friggin rain forest! Can't believe I did that.. it was awesome! Screwed up my SI joint doing it but managed to shift it back by the end. My abs still hurt from it lol. Apparently flying leaves me well.. very very sore, all over. First day in PR i spent sleeping, pretty much on the last plane, and then in the rental car nearly all the way to the rental house, i tried so hard to stay awake but it just wasn't happening. then we got there, and laid down on the bed.... and next thing I know T is putting a plate of homemade food in my face telling me to wake up! I was SO sore.. everywhere, every bloody joint everywhere.. ate food on the couch, put leftovers in the fridge, and fell back asleep after taking some advil.. and slept through the night to early afternoon the next day. Finally wasn't as sore then. Same thing happened on the way home too.. first day home I slept a crazy amount, couldn't wake up, and was sore as hell. Maybe something to do with sitting on a plane too long and the cabin pressure crap? I dunno. Well, PR was awesome. Mostly slept a hell of a lot (didn't take adderall ie my wakeup drugs for like.. over a week), was nice to just give in and sleep whenever my body wanted me to lol. Despite T trying to keep me awake when we were driving somewhere (which he eventually gave up on and just let me be lol), i pretty much gotta sleep whenever. =) and other than getting a stomach-something one day and throwing up.. so i took my standard dramamine, gateraid and saltines and passed back out till i felt better lol. Was able to snorkel! and went zip-lining in the rainforest, both of which rocked =) We didn't do half the things we planned on doing but thats perfectly okay =) We spent a long time just.. recuperating from the crazy wedding stuff. And just enjoying ourselves. ...and getting lots of bug bites.. our house had ants and apparently they were blood thirsty little bastards cuz I have 16 bug bites on my legs. Didn't see any other kind of bug around so i'm assuming its the ants. But we already made plans to head back there for our 1 year anniversary! =) So we can do more of the touristy crap stuff then. and will hopefully have more money saved up for it too than we did this year (since well, we won't have a wedding to pay for in addition to it all!). Left hip is bugging me and i have a big ol knot over my left SI joint too that showed up in the last couple of hours. stupid knots. Maybe i'll keep it up and just go pass back out.. I already got the certified copies of our marriage license! and need to goto the social security office to file for my name change tomorrow.. eep!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wedding... uncooperative joints... not enough sleep

Woa its been a long time again! My gosh. I'm freaking getting married in 2 weeks!! AHHHH!!! I'm not nervous about getting married, I have NO doubt whatsoever that T is who I am meant to be with for the rest of my life.. and i love our little family we have become.. but what I'm nervous about?/ the sheer volume of crap i still need to do!! Woa its insane! And I'll have tomorrow off, and then work the next 3 days again.. holy crap. and then?!! Peurto Rico baby!! We will be paying for all this for awhile unless I get that big check that should have freaking been here by now from when i refinanced my car since my taxes weren't as helpful as they shouldda been. EDS wise, my ankles have not been cooperating. they keep cramping very very badly/spasming usually either in the toes or on the outside/lateral part of my foot. I started taking this Calm Magnesium supplement that helps both the cramps and my constipation issues lol but I stopped taking it for a couple weeks so the cramps got really bad again.. So i got an elastic support thingy at the dollar tree and that has actually really helped the last few nights.. gives it just a little bit more support when i sleep and turn over/move and don't realize my feet aren't being supported by my pillows anymore. Oh this was a first.. I was getting a foot/toe cramp that was starting to get pretty bad the other day after wearing kitten heels for a bit.. T picked me up, laid me on the floor in the living room.. then massaged the cramp out pretty well.. but then it started up again and i noticed my 2nd toe was turned nearly underneath my big toe! And i couldn't move it! The cramp was getting worse, then he kinda... stood on my foot and wiggled it a little until we heard a really really loud POP and suddenly it was all better =) Overall a lot more sore lately and been taking too much advil.. esp for the weather being nice. Probably partly related to not sleeping enough, I'm always way more sore if I don't sleep enough or well. Got a regular script for muscle relaxers Im using rather sparingly but least they are available and don't knock me out. I take only half of one at a time and it really helps sometimes. if i take too much then I end up being way tooo loose and other crap goes wrong. Ive only been doing my PT every so often. =( need to do it at least 2-3 days a week but im only averaging like once well. Maybe ill do better when im not so stressed out. =) After I'm... freaking married! eep! hehe whew. Ok, back to tyring to knock crap off my to-do list. Last night off before my last 3 days of work! (and then I'm off till the end of the month baby! ;) Hope everyone else is fairing well.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

another rant.. this one more narcolepsy related

So... body hasn't been working quite right, and i've been able to predict the rain accurately on mult days when the weatherman says otherwise Lol.. but nothing new really, just more of the same. My sleep issues on the otherhand.... Awesome new sleep doc gave me Nuvgil to try (wanting to try something else besides adderall that ive been on for 2 1/2 yrs)... 150mg didn't do anything, so we tried 250mg... and it barely works.. plus I get occasional really bad headaches, and stomach upset issues (nausea/heartburn/bloated feeling sometimes.. not everytime but more often than not.) And its suppose to be "once a day" deal, but what little effects i do feel- wear off within 5 or 6 hours. Have a call into the doc about it but he is out of the office till wednesday.. thought about filling the next script anyway but then today.. Sunday i forced myself to KEEP MOVING all day so i could spend it with the youngest.. we made homemade rocky road ice cream, went through craft stuff, watched a movie, made popcorn etc.. had a good long day with her. At the end of it though, physically I was freakin hurting with lots of new knots cuz i pushed myself too hard.. but it was worth it. Soo.. So I slept all night. got the kid off to school at the last min (after hitting snooze for 45min in my sleep), then messed with the new hermit crab tank and looked crap up online and did slightly productive stuff... then got extra crazy super tired, so I took a nuvigil at 2pm, set my alarms for 4-430p (when the youngest gets home) and passed out.... next thing I know, its 8pm and I'm getting a call from the fiance... i slept through the kids knocking on the door a couple times, 6 txt messages and a few phone calls and of course all my alarms... its expensive...and it doesn't freaking work!! Thankgod the oldest is 14 and she heated up some chilli for them for dinner.. ticks me off soo badly sometimes.. I made food for me and the fiance when he got home from school and i spent the whole time talkin about all the crap i have to do and need to do and yet i'm so freaking tired still... he told me to take tonight off, he would build a fire, i need to stop worrying and stop stressing and relax "doctors orders" maybe watch one of my TV shows i'm a few weeks behind on.. lol...hard to do when i have so much i need to do and only one more night off work... but its also hard to do anything when i'm so tired.. When I talk to the doc and we try something else, i might ask for more adderall.. to have on the side in case whatever new drug or dose or whatever doesn't work.. (adderall works, but i get horrible horrible dry mouth so bad i get exploding taste buds all over if i take it more than a couple days, and i have NO sex all... ) But at least it works to wake me up! Sorry.. i'm trying not to bitch outloud about it all too much but its so frustrating. Fiance has been back to school this fall, so now I'm basically doing it all with the kids (technically "his" kids, the oldest has been living with us for like.. 5 months, and we've had the 7 yr old for almost 2 yrs..which is great, they are awesome.. but it makes me feel that much more guilty and stressed when i can't do what needs to be done)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Walking in the dark is a bad idea..

Managed to sprain/strain my ankle.. first time for that in quite awhile. Hurt REALLY FREAKING BAD at first but was a lil better after i got home and iced it and wrapped it and elevated it.. Used my crutches for a couple days and today Ive been limping on it.. needs to be fully better by tomorrow dangit.. I have work the next 3 nights. We were spose to go camping, but the camp ground was closed (got there too late) so we stopped at the portapotty thing outside the campground and as i was walking back to my side of the truck, my foot caught on a big curb/log I didn't see and yeah.. tweaked it pretty bad. It doesn't hurt that bad to limp on it but it hurts about 3min afterwards lol weird delayed pain. Right afterwards, T picked me up and put me in the truck.. and then when we got home, he carried me inside to where i could get my crutches... damn hes strong Lol. So not used to being carried. gunna rest a bit and watch something.. wee... The kiddo lost a tooth...and then actually lost the tooth! She forgot to put it under her pillow the first night (the first night I was gimpy so I wasn't really paying attn) and then was playing with it? the next day and lost it... So since she couldn't find it today, I made her write a letter to the tooth fairy apologizing for losing her tooth heheh My best friend gave me the idea, she said she had to when she lost her tooth down the drain lol. that letter is gunna be priceless when she is older! lol Foot: I need u to hurry up and get better please.. k its resting time..