Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wee wedding toys!

So... uh.. I'm generally pretty friggin cheap/frugal and I often will oogle something for years before I finally get it if I ever get it at all (kinda the opposite of my hubby sometimes but he is getting better lol).. However.. My coworkers threw me a "Camping" themed bridal shower (after-the-wedding) and got me like.. a ton of awesome camping supplies we have been wanting/needing! And then 2 of them also gave me gift certs! $50 ones to target! holy crap! Then when I was looking at some coupons online (yup, I coupon but only when I have the time for it, it took a hiatis during the whole.. wedding time)- I saw a $25 off coupon off a foodsaver, which is something I have wanted forever.. So.. I talked it over with T and off we went to Target. Did my research to decide to get the inbetween-price-range one. It was on sale and I also had my coupon and $100 in gift certs.. So i got my foodsaver for all of $6! =) woot! Its awesome =) I wanna re-package everything in the freezer! We also got an ice-tea maker (which I actually really like), and 2 Belgian waffle makers (which we are keeping, cuz one does 2 of them and one does 1 and well, that only equals 3 waffles at a time and it takes forever to make enough for the family when we make regular waffles! and one of them is kinda cool, it has little perferation-like-shapes so U can pull em apart and have "waffle sticks" which the kiddo absolutely loved when I made home-made-strawberry sauce and belgian waffles the other day!). Anyway.. T also wants a Juicer and possibly a soda-stream thingy. We have some more cash and checks and a few more gift cards.. though we realllly need a patio set! My only hesitation with his juicer is i really don't see him using it at all! And besides, he got his $300 friggin camera with half the monies.. which he won't keep in a neutral place so we can both use it! .....*grumble grumble* Pre-wedding, I bought a "spot bot" with the wedding budget monies cuz i really wanted moms awesome punch and it was red/pink and was worried about spills.. so i justified it. And ended up not needing it! lol But... our landlord does these yearly inspections and we had this big ol long stain (lord knows from what!) in the living room I had only half-cleaned with lots of scrubbing.. So tonight I busted out the spotbot, read a bunch of reviews saying to use less detergent etc. and after setting it up and letting it do its thing- the whole area is lookin pretty darn good!! YAY!! Plan to use this sucker everytime our cat Tiki Pukes up orange food... Hermit crabs are gearing up to molt again.. Hannibal is checking out shells like crazy and digging lots of holes and I know Bill is already down there doing his thing cuz I haven't seen him for more than a week. Im a bit worried about Clarisse, she isn't smelling fishy but she also hasn't moved in about a week =( I ended up isolating her cuz of a few other things.. keep ur fingers crossed? I used my exercise bike for a good week and then got side tracked with the daily nature of it.. hmph. I really do better every other day but then I have a harder time doing it.. should go food-save something. like the extra waffles I made. Or all the meat in the freezer.. or maybe throw something in the crockpot.. hmm..

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