Tuesday, May 28, 2013

puerto rico and wedding recovery.

We did it! We got married (and it appeared to go off without a hitch only because i have some amazing friends and family.. 2 individuals in particular that i feel forever indebted to!) and then.. we went to puerto rico!! I managed to only get a very faint sunburn one day (I'm a redhead with near albino-pale skin lol) that I didn't use sunblock cuz we were zip-lining in the friggin rain forest! Can't believe I did that.. it was awesome! Screwed up my SI joint doing it but managed to shift it back by the end. My abs still hurt from it lol. Apparently flying leaves me well.. very very sore, all over. First day in PR i spent sleeping, pretty much on the last plane, and then in the rental car nearly all the way to the rental house, i tried so hard to stay awake but it just wasn't happening. then we got there, and laid down on the bed.... and next thing I know T is putting a plate of homemade food in my face telling me to wake up! I was SO sore.. everywhere, every bloody joint everywhere.. ate food on the couch, put leftovers in the fridge, and fell back asleep after taking some advil.. and slept through the night to early afternoon the next day. Finally wasn't as sore then. Same thing happened on the way home too.. first day home I slept a crazy amount, couldn't wake up, and was sore as hell. Maybe something to do with sitting on a plane too long and the cabin pressure crap? I dunno. Well, PR was awesome. Mostly slept a hell of a lot (didn't take adderall ie my wakeup drugs for like.. over a week), was nice to just give in and sleep whenever my body wanted me to lol. Despite T trying to keep me awake when we were driving somewhere (which he eventually gave up on and just let me be lol), i pretty much gotta sleep whenever. =) and other than getting a stomach-something one day and throwing up.. so i took my standard dramamine, gateraid and saltines and passed back out till i felt better lol. Was able to snorkel! and went zip-lining in the rainforest, both of which rocked =) We didn't do half the things we planned on doing but thats perfectly okay =) We spent a long time just.. recuperating from the crazy wedding stuff. And just enjoying ourselves. ...and getting lots of bug bites.. our house had ants and apparently they were blood thirsty little bastards cuz I have 16 bug bites on my legs. Didn't see any other kind of bug around so i'm assuming its the ants. But we already made plans to head back there for our 1 year anniversary! =) So we can do more of the touristy crap stuff then. and will hopefully have more money saved up for it too than we did this year (since well, we won't have a wedding to pay for in addition to it all!). Left hip is bugging me and i have a big ol knot over my left SI joint too that showed up in the last couple of hours. stupid knots. Maybe i'll keep it up and just go pass back out.. I already got the certified copies of our marriage license! and need to goto the social security office to file for my name change tomorrow.. eep!!

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