Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wedding... uncooperative joints... not enough sleep

Woa its been a long time again! My gosh. I'm freaking getting married in 2 weeks!! AHHHH!!! I'm not nervous about getting married, I have NO doubt whatsoever that T is who I am meant to be with for the rest of my life.. and i love our little family we have become.. but what I'm nervous about?/ the sheer volume of crap i still need to do!! Woa its insane! And I'll have tomorrow off, and then work the next 3 days again.. holy crap. and then?!! Peurto Rico baby!! We will be paying for all this for awhile unless I get that big check that should have freaking been here by now from when i refinanced my car since my taxes weren't as helpful as they shouldda been. EDS wise, my ankles have not been cooperating. they keep cramping very very badly/spasming usually either in the toes or on the outside/lateral part of my foot. I started taking this Calm Magnesium supplement that helps both the cramps and my constipation issues lol but I stopped taking it for a couple weeks so the cramps got really bad again.. So i got an elastic support thingy at the dollar tree and that has actually really helped the last few nights.. gives it just a little bit more support when i sleep and turn over/move and don't realize my feet aren't being supported by my pillows anymore. Oh this was a first.. I was getting a foot/toe cramp that was starting to get pretty bad the other day after wearing kitten heels for a bit.. T picked me up, laid me on the floor in the living room.. then massaged the cramp out pretty well.. but then it started up again and i noticed my 2nd toe was turned nearly underneath my big toe! And i couldn't move it! The cramp was getting worse, then he kinda... stood on my foot and wiggled it a little until we heard a really really loud POP and suddenly it was all better =) Overall a lot more sore lately and been taking too much advil.. esp for the weather being nice. Probably partly related to not sleeping enough, I'm always way more sore if I don't sleep enough or well. Got a regular script for muscle relaxers Im using rather sparingly but least they are available and don't knock me out. I take only half of one at a time and it really helps sometimes. if i take too much then I end up being way tooo loose and other crap goes wrong. Ive only been doing my PT every so often. =( need to do it at least 2-3 days a week but im only averaging like once maybe..aw well. Maybe ill do better when im not so stressed out. =) After I'm... freaking married! eep! hehe whew. Ok, back to tyring to knock crap off my to-do list. Last night off before my last 3 days of work! (and then I'm off till the end of the month baby! ;) Hope everyone else is fairing well.

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