Friday, November 22, 2013

Oh the weather is wrecking its havoc.

whew.. life is busy. Hubby is starting his own business, 15 yr old step kid moved in and has now been suspended from school (tryin to figure out what to do with that and her schooling.. gotta find that girl some direction, wish the humane society had some volunteer openings!) and struggling with monies d/t the hubby job change and sudden expense of a teenager (in addition to the 8 yr old).. AND dealing with my narcolepsy stuff interfering and EDS interfering.. Adderall just isn't really cutting it anymore and the sexual side effects are really screwing stuff up.. Doc wants me to try Xyrem (otherwise known as...the date rape drug! only approved for N). But my last sleep study was once again inconclusive, and although the doc decided to put the Narcolepsy diagnosis down anyway, I still need the sleep study before I can Xyrem.. (its for better quality sleep, side effects can be kinda scary but maybe it'll help?). Im so sick of being friggin so tired.. so that means I have to go off my meds again.. and when its the last few days of it? I can't work cuz i can barely function without them... i need to be off the desipramine far longer than last time- took a long time for it to get out of my system before (probably why it was inconclusive, brain didn't go back to normal for like.. over a month last time). gunna hafta take time off work again. Hmph. I tweaked my neck laying in bed yesterday, and then this morning woke up and subluxed a rib in my back by brushing my hair... might have got it back in place by following some of the suggestions on the EDS group, though still pretty tender where the muscle was pissed off. Yay muscle relaxers? got put on call tonight. didn't care either way but with the sudden wayward rib, probably a good thing. Hard to open doors and lift patients and crap when i get really bad pain right under my right shoulder blade with near any muscle use of my back/arms, not to mention turning my Mom is getting a hip replacement and she is a bit terrified... but the pediatrist actually might be able to help her foot! he is going to make a super specialized orthotic to get her through the hip surgery and recovery.. and then wants to do this SUPER NEVER BEFORE PERFORMED surgery to basically redo her entire foot... said the bone structure is totally goofed up, has severe arthritis throughout her foot but remains crazy flexible/moveable throughout.. gradually her bones are shifting to the side, so that ALL the pressure of her foot in on one or two toes/metatarsals.. and thats likely whats causing most of her pain! He said hes never seen anything like it but he actually might be able to help. He put a metatarsal pad on her foot- almost on the outer side of it, and it relieved the pain shes been dealing with forever! so.. we'll see?! he said itd have a 6+ month recovery but it might give her function of her foot back.. shes been in severe pain and her toes are dislocating on their own (and one of them loses circulation and turns purple so she has to tape it/pad it to prevent that). Anyhoo.. hes hopeful, last doc wanted to amputate her worst toe and call it good.. but thats not the problem. oof.. should go do stuff. ta ta..

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