Wednesday, April 2, 2014

car accidents are stupid..

Man life is going at break neck pace.. I don't get it, how can I blink and POOF! a month goes by?! Was rear ended for the first time in January.. and ive been screwed up ever since. But i'm seeing a PT who has EDS!! And while progress is crazy slow cuz, as my hubby put it.. I'm like a whack-a-mole- ya pop something in and something else pops out! but least the PT lady is pretty awesome =) im having to sleep in a soft collar neck brace now.. cuz otherwise I wake up with really bad pain and spasms and pinched nerves and stuff. I have this lovely right shoulder blade pain that I can't tell what it is when it happens.. its been everything from a vertebrae popped out, a rib popped out to a pinched nerve in my neck causing referred pain to that general area. Learning different ways to get my own ribs back in place though which has proven rather handy (when I can tell if its my I cant seem to do jack around the house besides work my 3 days. When I try to do something on my day off besides lay on my butt- i end up paying for it the following week. Do have a TENS unit now, hoping the car insurance folks don't put up too big of a fight paying for it. Probably gunna get a lawyer... just cuz I have a feeling im gunna be in treatment for awhile and they haven't been the most forthcoming about stuff. Apparently we gotta get my little neck muscles to turn back on and stop the big muscles from spasming. Too bad hubby isn't a thatd sure be handy. alright i gotta go to bed.. got work tonight. didn't get through half my to-do list =( but im also PMS'ing so I think I deserve a little break.. just wish the giant stack of mail would sort itself.. and someone else would call the medical insurance company and figure out whats wrong with all these damn bills...

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