Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Walking in the dark is a bad idea..

Managed to sprain/strain my ankle.. first time for that in quite awhile. Hurt REALLY FREAKING BAD at first but was a lil better after i got home and iced it and wrapped it and elevated it.. Used my crutches for a couple days and today Ive been limping on it.. needs to be fully better by tomorrow dangit.. I have work the next 3 nights. We were spose to go camping, but the camp ground was closed (got there too late) so we stopped at the portapotty thing outside the campground and as i was walking back to my side of the truck, my foot caught on a big curb/log I didn't see and yeah.. tweaked it pretty bad. It doesn't hurt that bad to limp on it but it hurts about 3min afterwards lol weird delayed pain. Right afterwards, T picked me up and put me in the truck.. and then when we got home, he carried me inside to where i could get my crutches... damn hes strong Lol. So not used to being carried. gunna rest a bit and watch something.. wee... The kiddo lost a tooth...and then actually lost the tooth! She forgot to put it under her pillow the first night (the first night I was gimpy so I wasn't really paying attn) and then was playing with it? the next day and lost it... So since she couldn't find it today, I made her write a letter to the tooth fairy apologizing for losing her tooth heheh My best friend gave me the idea, she said she had to when she lost her tooth down the drain lol. that letter is gunna be priceless when she is older! lol Foot: I need u to hurry up and get better please.. k its resting time..

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