Monday, June 4, 2012

Spasms suck!!

Ahhhh!!! A new muscle slightly lower down my back is currently spasming.. what the heck?! Its going vertically along my spine, fiance says its all hard/tight for about 2-3 inches.. what the freaking heck?! How do i fix it if i don't know what or how something is out?! Maybe I should goto the chiropracter this week... there is a really good one here I went to a few times before, hes very trustworthy and uses the energy-finding-thingys that sound like a frog to figure out the hot spots and then feels around for whats up.. and he fixes u, ur good to go. Occationaly he wants u back in a few weeks for one more adjustment but thats it. I haven't seen him since the whole EDS thing though. But maybe if he fixes my back now, then things will have a slightly better shot at not getting messed up so easily cuz i have a feeling this is somehow related to the neck one too.. I'm guessing its a paraspinal muscle? I use to know all these dang muscles back when I was 18 and in Anatomy and Phys.. now i don't remember most of them. "....The paraspinal muscles are the muscles that run next to, and roughly parallel with, the spine. They consist of many small muscles that are attached to the vertebrae and control the motion of the individual bones,..... When a person experiences a back spasm, it is often a paraspinal muscle tightening up, which is a warning signal that his back is either bearing more weight than it should, or bending and twisting improperly. Paraspinal muscle spasms are extremely painful; the pain normally stops a person from doing whatever activity caused the pain, before a more serious injury to the disks or spinal cord can occur." So a little higher up my neck, kinda where neck meets shoulder, I have a big wad of super tight tender spazed out muscles healing/recovering from my spasm the other day..from probably being "too" relaxed when i was sleeping.. and now this. And I was just standing still talking to T when it started slowly contracting.. gradually getting worse. bloody hell i hate spasms. stupid freaking back.. just stay where ur suppose to so my muscles can stop freaking out! I'm glad Im not herniating a disc or something but man!! Ouch!

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