Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Sleeping wrong"

i oiled all my wood spoons, put the dishes away and loaded the dishwasher... and fed the kiddo dinner when she got home from her weekend-with-her-mom. now im really tired and think im ready for some Eureka. i love this show.. =) I'll be sad when I'm all caught up! i still need to: Do laundry and PUT AWAY laundry. And clean the cat box. And wash the rug under the cat box. and pay bills. ugh..And a lot of other things but those are my biggie ones tonight. i screwed up sleeping the other day... i woke up and i couldn't sit up and was nearly in tears with my neck hurting all super badly.. it stayed all super bad all through work despite far too much advil and aleve and a couple muscle relaxers for good measure. Finally in the car on the way home, I moved a certain way and i heard a faint few pops and felt something shift in my neck and then the pain was a lot better... the muscles are so sore they are tender to the touch, super faint light touch even really hurts... but i can tilt my head to the right part way now and its not actively spasming anymore.. its just recovering from the super bad spasms that lasted about 15 hours... Ben Gay is my friend. This crap really helps... and smells all winterfreshy =) And I'm using Topricin cream as well. Ok, time to try to recover some energy to i can be productive in a few hours again... Might need some wake up drugs tonight or i'll end up passing out again, as i've done on pretty much all of my days off =( I hate waking up on the couch at 6am all confused. But im too sore and tired to keep going right now, need a break.. Btw, i think its total crap that i can injure myself IN MY SLEEP!! Its just wrong damnit..

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