Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Doctor shopping time..

So.. I gotta admit, I got my new/old iron supplements, found em at the Super Supplement place, and the extra-bad fatigue is a lot better. =) yay for iron and vit B! (and everything else in them.. I'm also not getting the bad "burping-taste-of-vit B" that i got before when I took them for some reason *knock on wood*).

So.. I need to find a doctor. I just found the info pages online about all the docs and whos accepting patients and stuff that my insurance will cover.

I apparently get to pick between a General Family Practice doc, which is whom I've always had in the past... or an Internal Medicine primary care doc. I've never seen one of those.. any suggestions? Esp as I'm having to deal with more and more EDS-related stuff, I'm not sure which kind of doc I should shoot for. Though I suppose one of the Rheummy's at some point may be a good idea?

Oh yeah.. dunno whats up with this, but ive had this dizziness accompanied by a headache and borderline nausea due to the dizziness off and on the last few weeks. First time it lasted about 4 days, then finally went away. and its been back now for the last day or so. Started when I was working last night. No idea whats up with it but I don't like it at all. Almost a motion-sickness thing but its not strong enough to make me fall down or anything, its just.. obnoxious and makes me overall really not feel well, nor feel like doing much. Now that i'm typing this, I'm wondering if it could be a TMJ thing? I have intermit jaw issues, and lately its been buggin me a lil more than usual.. hm..

So after telling mom about dysautonomia, she talked to ehr doctor about it.. and while he didn't use that term, he basically chalked half her issues up to it and said it makes since with EDS (apparently he has been doing his homework). Shes got the tachycardia crap (worse than I do), severe-at-times-vertigo, GI issues, (had a barium swallow a lil while ago), etc etc. He also told her there isn't anything to do about it and she is going to just have to deal...

anyhoo, i should get some sleep. I was planning on going to bed early today so i could be kinda productive during the day tomorrow.. aw well. hope everyone else is doing okay!

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erinj0 said...

I would so recommend an internist instead of a general practitioner. "Typically" they are more educated in the whole body -- while this is definitely not always the case, especially with EDS/POTS. I know this post was back in February, so I hope you were able to find a good doctor!