Thursday, February 23, 2012

two unusually productive days...and now back to the usual.

You know those rare strange really "good!" days with EDS? They also happen with narcolepsy.. and the last 2 days, i was pretty productive! I cleaned stuff, organized stuff, put crap away that had been taunting me for weeks to months.. I washed laundry and managed to put everything away! I busted out my sewing machine for the first time in FOREVER and sewed up a bunch of wholes in the kiddos pants, fixed T's pants! (tho he thinks having a reinforced area on his pocket is a lil weird but he likes it... and now he wants me to put random useless patches on the rest of his pants cuz "worn pants like that are cool!" ...*rolls eyes* and i made some applique patches for the kiddos pants and she wants more.. the problem?

I couldn't wake up today. The last 2 days I took my instant adderall and woke up early (for me), with about 8-9 hrs of sleep only. I felt okay once it kicked in, and then when it started wearing off, I took another dose. (my insurance won't approve the XR anymore so my doc wrote for a TON of regular adderall, spose to take 1-2 tabs up to 3 times a day). But I really didnt want more dry mouth issues, and I wanted my little break from it.. lord knows why except the adderall KILLS my libido and gives me horrible dry mouth. - and to top it off, physically everything is all outta wack. HUGE knots over my SI joints, arthritis in my hands is extra bad, and it took me awhile to be able to snap crap back to safely walk to the bathroom this morning.

So much for a good spree.. guess i should be thankful those days come at all tho yes?

So far today? I ate dinner (i cooked 4 meals the last 2 days) T made, and laid on the couch. I did read the kiddo a bedtime story and then realized it was too late to goto the craft store (that ive been needing/wanting to do the last 3 days). I took an unintentional nap, had a dream about sleeping (can't I at least stay awake in my own dreams!?) and anaphalatic shock lol and took a muscle relaxer, 2 doses of advil and an aleve..

hmph. if only i didn't have so much to still do!

Oh well.. I'm gunna lay back down, with all my pillows, and try to stay awake through a movie or tv show. and rest up my joints cuz i have work the next 2 nights. oof.

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BubbleGirl said...

I had one of those days last weekend, and I got 5 loads of laundry done, and all the dishes (about 4 sinks full), and since then I haven't been able to sleep more than 2 hours a night, and I've got this wonderfully constant fatigue that just won't let up. I did manage to go out after work last night, and buy 3 pairs of jeans, because I had none left without holes in them.

The good days are rare, but when you have one, and the ambition to DO THINGS, it can be a wonderful way to catch up on things, and maybe even get ahead a little. It's unfortunate though, that they are so rare.

Hope you find a few more good days soon.