Monday, January 23, 2012

woa its been awhile..

well, life has been busy. Overall good, but busy.

Biggest news... I'm engaged!! He proposed on Christmas =) I think we're gunna aim for April or May 2013, as I'd like us to get on top of the debt a bit more, AND need time to plan and put aside money for it, AND i wont be able to get real vacation time till then.. (everyone has already put in for vaca's this year, and i wont have the hours saved up anyway for it). I'm pretty excited.. surprised the smeg outta me! I was speechless. heh in the best way possible =)

I've had about 1/3 of the energy level I usually do (which is a pretty damn low level to begin with so in that way I'm not doing so hot lol) and its taking its toll. Ive been sleeping even more than usual, and have slept roughly 24hrs more days than I care to count recently.. not sure whats up, but I'm gunna try to find the iron supplement i was taking before I moved, and start that up regularly again. Its this really nice one that came highly recommended from the supper supplements place I would get it.. All I know is that it was in a yellow box or a yellow bottle (bottle had capsules, box had big rectangle pills), both smelled horribly because it also had a bunch of Vit B's and vit C.. it had pictures of red blood cells on the front and i believe the iron was 75mg Elemental iron but i could be wrong on that. But i can't find it locally so far! Doesn't help that I can't remember the name.. lol But I did just find out that the special supplement store I would get it up north has opened up a couple stores down here in the last year! Including one that opened a couple weeks ago only 6 miles away! They were closed today when I went to check em out though =(

Also, the whole right side of my body is messed up... HUGE knot over my SI joint that i can't seem to make go away or get smaller. Ileotibial band down my thigh really hurts, with lots of bumps again.. and a big very very tender spot/knot? on my thigh, near the outside and top of it close to the IT-band that is increasingly hurting. Its super tender to the touch and feels deeply bruised, without evidence of bruising.. And my spine is messed up, i can't seem to get it to line up in the right spot, starting mid-back. Super tender around specific vertebrae and subsequent knots. =( I'm starting to want to take too much aleve again, so I gotta find something else to get things lined up again. Just not sure what... Up north, I knew that really gentle chiropracter, she was awesome. And i have my Physical therapy, but im having a hard time with it cuz it all hurts to begin with, with these big knots and things being in the wrong spot, i can't seem to activate the right muscles.. I know a chiro down here,and he is really good, but he is far from gentle. He is the usual snap-crackle-pop type..and last time i saw him, things quickly slipped right back out again.

I applied some Topricin and BenGay tonight.. gunna tyr to keep up on the topricin and see if that helps too.

hm... maybe i should finally get a foam roller.. i HATED the foam roller I had to use in PT on my IT-band (outside of my thigh) but they recommended I get one and use it.. and i never did. $20 to totally torcher myself? no but maybe i could use it to massage out the thigh, IT band and maybe even SI joint knot a little.. maybe that might help the PT be more effective? If the joint isnt pulled so tightly outta place? freaking hurts.. im a lil desparate.

Dunno if i should my muscle relaxers.. ive taken em very sparingly, cuz they sometimes make other crap hurt. but i dunno..

grrr.. this is stupid.

I really hope i can find my iron supplements, and that it helps give me SOME energy or at least not the total lack of it. Its starting to bother the "fiance'!" a bit I think, cuz i havent been doing nearly as much around the house, and sleeping so much. =(

Oh and my new insurance sucks.. seems i getta fight them from the get-go.. They dont wanna fill my Adderall XR because I don't have ADD!! Godforbid I take it to stay awake and function like a normal person.. pfft... not pleased! Coworkers are telling me they hafta fight for everything pretty much every step of the way =( grr.. i miss my old insurance.. =(

anyway, i gotta try to do something productive. I slept a few hours tonight already on accident, even after taking insta-adderall (probably wouldda slept longer without it), and i gotta try to stay awake the last few hours, so i'll sleep all day cuz of work tomorrow (who am I kidding.. i'd probably sleep all day regardless but still).

hope everyone else is faring well!

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