Wednesday, November 30, 2011

and time goes on as more things fall apart

Well, job wise things are going well I think. Tho i don't really understand why my boss wants me to communicate more, things are going fine, and i don't have anything to say.. she thinks i should ask more questions or something.

So my neck tried to go out again in bed today. wasn't nearly as bad as the first time, as this time i felt something weird, and then i felt the muscle start to slowly squeeze/spasm down the left side of my neck and into my shoulder. I tried to kinda do the opposite motion as what i did to cause it, but i ended up needing to get up cuz it was just getting worse. Eventually took a mild muscle relaxer, which helped a lot with some advil. Still hurt and was all knotted up and felt super tight so i took another one a few hours later and took a nap. Feelin a lil better now. My muscle relaxers are a bit expired but they still do the trick. and they dont knock me the heck out like everything else does which is nice.

Ohh so my ankle has a new trick which I don't approve of at all. Occasionally, it likes to do the same thing! I do something, (like say...walk or it'll just pop like it usually does) and then i'll get this very painful muscle spasm along the outside of my ankle and up my leg..and i can't really walk at all when it does it. it freaking hurts. i usually shift around and try to move it in various directions cuz im not really sure what moved or how to fix it.. but each time ive managed to stop the spasm and then it just hurts for awhile but its walkable. Its my new least favorite trick. Its done it maybe 4-5 times in the last couple months.

New TMJ crap too.. involving weird ear pressure pain/fullness randomly,(it comes and goes, but i found that if i push on my chin as i open my mouth a few times to keep from hyperextending, it really helps it go away) and more frequent loud popping. Not pleased with this. Least the muscle knot pain has been well controlled lately.

Boyfriend is gunna be gone for 2 weeks with the kiddo, going to arizona to help his folks move locally. Going to be a lil weird being alone that long here. Least i live where my friends are now =) But this is kinda a big house to be all alone in.. lol

and dangit we need furnature! Need a twin sized bed for the kid, need a hutch or some kind of cabinet thingy for the kitchen (cant finish unpacking the kitchen without one!), need my bookcase from mom and dads house.. etc. Kinda annoying. =( also need stuff on the walls.

anyway, i should go back to bed.. have a work thing in the afternoon i need to be awake for. and it'll be over just in time to get stuck in rush hour traffic! Ohh lucky me!

wee goodnight folks. Hope everyone else is having a better time staying together.

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