Sunday, October 9, 2011

and boy have they changed...


I got the oncology job! and a couple weeks ago I moved back to my home town! We are renting a nice house with 3 bedrooms.. and I was all excited to have a sewing room, but it looks like we might end up having his 13 yr old daughter live with us....holy crap. She is over for the weekend and she keeps calling me mom.. the youngest (she is 6) is starting to figure out that Im kinda like a step mom..and im officially listed as the step mom on her schools paperwork..

Ive had 2 weeks of orientation crap at the new hospital, and on monday I start my first night shift! My set schedule kinda sucks but oh well, I'll live. Its awesome being back home.. had my folks over for dinner last week, that was nice =) and I get to see my best friend pretty often, as her kiddo and ours love to play together, and are even in the same kindergarten!

Ive been a day person for awhile now.. and have been needing to sleep A LOT to maintain that.. but now I have to switch back to nights..

joints have been finicky, im a little nervous about doing 12 hr shifts again physically. but i think overall it'll be better for me cuz i'll only be working 3 days a week.. And as much as im annoyed that I wont be working 3 days in a row after orientation, maybe it'll be better physically? i dont know.. we'll see.

gah, gotta fax my timecard from before i was in the system and goto bed.. i spent all night passed out on the couch, trying desperately to wake up enough to fax it in.


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