Sunday, August 7, 2011

things are changing...

Well.. I had a blog a week or two ago all written out and then i passed out.. and later i woke up and closed firefox.

Teeth are pretty much all better. I do still have one round kinda area in my cheek that still hurts if i push on it, not sure why but its slowly been shrinking so not concerned. No tooth ache or need for root canal (YAY! *knocks on wood*) but it is super sens. to cold now.

So.. I have a job interview back home.. at a large hospital, 12 hr shifts, noc shift.. Oncology unit!! Basically, my dream job. I want to specialize in Oncology badly. I work there for a yr and i could get Oncology certified, and id also end up getting chemo certified in the near future. Its on Tuesday. I'm excited, and scared cuz I want it so bad.. So far its my only application I have heard back from that ive applied for.. and its the one i really want...

Really really hope i do well on my interview... My suit is technically a size too big, but Im gunna take in the jacket and i think it'll be okay.. Ive lost like 20lbs since I bought it. (40lb wt loss total in the last hm.. year and 1/2-2 yrs).

My interview at my current small hospital was extremely informal. I went after working all day, drove an hr and 1/2 and showed up at 830pm in my hospital PACU scrubs, meeting with the evening shift nursing supervisor who offered me the job on the spot. So i feel... out of element. But oh man oh man I want this position... ! The hospital is within the nations top 6% of oncology programs...

Anyway. Joints are all jacked up. I have been working a lot, and slacking on my PT so that hasn't helped.. and its my own damn fault. =( must. fix. this.

K, i got a ton of crap to do and i still need to drive down 3 1/2 hrs today.. and i worked all night lol aw well.. getta see the boyfriend soon, and our two year anniversary is on Monday (minus the very sucky 3 or so months we broke up last yr..=( but least things are going well now. =)

oof. time to get to being productive!

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