Thursday, July 21, 2011

At the dentist...

I remember reading about other EDS-ers that don't react "normally" to numbing meds and anesthesia.. My mom has almost always had issues at the dentist with them not numbing her up right or her burning thru the crap super fast/wearing off too fast..

The last two times i was at the dentist, I thought it was.. just those isolated times.. but apparently not. Cuz now, my 3rd time.. same thing over again.

I had 2 cavities (Ive always been told I have very soft teeth..which this dentist agreed with) and i hadn't been to the dentist since 2007... which for me, i think is actually pretty good Lol.. cept one of them is really bad, and really close to the nerve. He is afraid i'll need to get a root canal, or get it pulled.. or have this weird surgery where they do something with the gum like or bone or something.. i dont remember. either raise or lower it... i think lower it. anyway.

So he goes to numb me, and the chick initially asks if i have any problems in the past with it.. and i remembered the last 2 times, and told her briefly about them. Then they wait a bit, and he shows up, and im already starting to get un-numb toward the front.. tell him the stories.. and then he injects me again. Partway through the first tooth I could feel stuff again, didn't hurt.. but i could definitely feel the tooth. afterwards i told him. lol

And somewhere in there, my eye lid started going numb.. and i couldnt' close my eye completely without totaly squinting... which he said "isn't suppose to happen"

Then comes the bad tooth... he kept not numbing the whole area.. eventually he numbed the upper pallet (which he apologized for, dunno why) and numbed me a whole bunch of times.. and then switched to a long acting numbing crap.. and got me a bunch of times with that. Lol - And halfway thru the bad tooth, he had to re-numb me too..

After telling him some of moms storys, and seeing how I was being (at one point he hit a spot with the needle, i winced and he was all "wow, you really do still feel that"), he said "I think you and your mom are wired differently than..everybody else." Lol! Ohh that amused me greatly! cuz its soo true. haha cept maybe other EDS-ers out there!

he worked on filling my 2 cavities for over an hour..about an hour and 20min.

So now here I am... with a very swollen poofy left side of my upper face... my eye lids are waking up a bit, but still slightly numb, and keep watering cuz they know something is wrong... Things are slowly waking up but im pretty freaking numb, and my cheek is about 3-4 times as big as the other side.. my eye keeps watering, and the upper left side of my mouth and face don't work. lol Oh and most of my nose is numb, and some of my front teeth..

(he worked on my back two molers on the left).

he wrote me a script for percocet "just in case" cuz hes afraid the tooth is gunna not be happy... and in case i need to make an emergent appt, he wanted me to have something to tide me over..and he said he works tomorrow, so i can just call the 800 number and ask for him.. and if im still numb or whatever this evening, then I can call too to talk to him lol (super nice dentist!! Beats the crap out of the jackass who kept trying to drill when I kept feeling it.. and he wouldn't listen to me.. and eventually got all the wrong areas numb, including my freaking ear!).

Its bedtime now.. and im hoping when I wake up, I wont be numb, and my tooth won't hurt.. so i can work tonight. tho i really dont actually want to. Lol and would much rather catch up on the sleep I've been lacking lately.

Oh.. and this weather? is wrecking havoc on my joints!! its alternating sun and rain every other day, and man things hurt.. stupid joints. and weather.. pick a weather condition and stick with it for a while please!

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