Monday, June 20, 2011

random bits.

My jaw really hurts.. i dont know what i was doing in my sleep but It hurts when I open very wide, and really bad when i move my jaw to the right. pain is primarily on the left, right in the joint.

My ribs keep not being where they are suppose to be. usually its the lower floating ribs, which i can put back usually pretty easily but gripping inside and pulling them outward (took me awhile to figure out thats how to fix them lol). but the ones by my sternum also hurt sometimes.. thankfully it mostly feels like the area is super tender, like a special kind of deep bruise or something. Sometimes its just one spot in particular and if i push on the rib a certain way, it'll "POP"/shift back where its spose to be.. very weird feeling. lol

warning..probably too much info:
Recently, I noticed that 3 or 4 of the ribs on the left side of my chest were super tender.. and i was complaining about it to my bf when I noticed it.. he then embarrassingly said "Uh... I know when that happened, last night when we were having sex, i felt a bunch of your ribs like, dislocate when I pushed up on your sternum, it was really weird feeling!" - lol I didn't notice.. so I'm guessing it just shifted them and then the ligaments got all tender/sore or something after?

I slept 21 hours.. oops. Every time i woke up I was just too tired to actually wake up and get up and i kept falling back asleep. I was a bit sleep deprived for 2 or 3 days.. so apparently I had a lot of catching up to do Lol. But now my back hurts from laying in bed so dang long. But it sucks cuz i have a lot to do on my 2 days off, day now. lol AND my sleep is all goofed up, cuz by 7am, I was actually feeling awake. lol stupid sleep.

we might be moving back home, about 4 hrs away. while i really like our place now, and i like my hospital a lot, and I hate the actual process of moving, the idea of being closer to my friends and family again, well, i can't wait. =) I miss my best friend in particular. gotta find a job.. I've been a nurse for ALMOST yr now (July 6th makes 1 yr, Aug 3rd makes a year of expier.) *crosses fingers* REALLY want 12 hr shifts.. they are gunna kill me physically initally cuz its been so long, but overall it'll be better for me I think, cuz I'll have a lot more days off, and thats really how i recover.

Oof.. time to go try and be productive. back needs to stop hurting.. I'm fine if i don't move, but soon as I bend, stoop or sit upright, it has a slight delay, and then starts really hurting. stupid back.

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