Monday, June 6, 2011


I hate not knowing where my body is in relation to body, and the rest of the world..

I just smacked myself in the lip, HARD with my own nail. I wasn't meaning to be that close to my face, I was reaching for something on the computer...and I have no idea how my hand decided to do that. This also fits with my ability to run into walls, misjudge doorways, trip over invisible objects etc.. if I just keep telling myself its a skill, maybe I'll feel a lil better about the insane frequency I do these things. lol Twice in my pre-teen years, I ran into the same wall (misjudged the doorway to the hallway), one of the times I did it so hard that I gave myself a mild concussion and had the pleasure of going to the doctor the next day with mom (who suspected the concussion deal) and admitting what happened.. (I was all of 11 yrs old at the time).

I like to think that walls and furniture just jump out at me and cause me to run into them.. they just move so fast no one else can see them ;)


BubbleGirl said...

Sorry to hear you've been having problems with spatial awareness... It sucks. But unfortunately it goes along with EDS and being bendy. I did write a post about it one upon a time, if yu'd like to learn more about it...

Lady of the Ozarks said...

Proprioception does suck. I wonder how many bruises we would still have if we didn't walk into things all the time.

Bendy_Clutz said...

heh my boyfriend has a game he likes to play.. "find a bruise and poke it!" - not a game a like so much Lol..
and for some reason he keeps asking me "where'd that one come from?!" - as if I ever have any idea..Lol it amuses me that he still asks.