Monday, March 21, 2011


I need to sleep.. I don't know why im not asleep. i think partly, my body has been excited about actually like, sleeping when im spose to this last week for the most part. (and not having to screw things up with PT and not working 40 hrs a wk for the first time.. did 32 hrs instead). but i haven't been very good about keeping up with my PT cuz of my stomach feeling like crap. and me being lazy.

my left shoulder is.. i dont know. It just has this feeling thats telling me its not sitting where its suppose to, and i feel this irresistible urg to wiggle it around and move it and push it back and fourth tryin to relieve that feeling.. - its like my left shoulder has suddenly developed "restless shoulder syndrome.' - like 20x more obnoxious than it use to when itd get relieve by me pushing it around.

I did all my upper body PT this morning.. and now it feels like maybe i strained a muscle or ligament or something in that stupid left shoulder on top of the irritating feeling that still wont go away.. grr. feels like i have a spasm developing now.. great. lol like thats really gunna help things. stupid body.

k gunna go try to go back to sleep.. my pretty dark blue-with-silver-swirls couch is going away today =( im a bit bummed about it, even if it was ultimately my choice... the boyfriend wanted a different couch, ive sorta beat the hell out of this one in the last 2 1/2 years, and it shows cat hair like you wouldn't believe.... and my best friend is getting rid of her nice couch....and i had a friend who HAPPEND to be on vacation near where my best friend is, and offered to drive their trailer down and bring the couch up..... =) And haul my couch away and donate it to a friend of hers with a baby and a hubby and a totally barren apartment.. So.. alas.. im upgrading. but i'm still sad.. I should post a pic of it, in memory of next time..haha

k really. i need sleep. and i dont know how much sleep i'll get these next couple of days... AND there is a nationally shortage of the drug I use to keep me awake when the narcolepsy gets worse.. so I cant get any more of the extended release adderall for who knows how long..and ive already dwindled my emergency month supply down (because i havent been able to get it all month already =( sooo... dont wanna squander them on something thats my own damn fault, instead of using them when i REALLY need them and i cant keep awake otherwise.

okay shoulder, u can stop now. really....


Appleshoe said...

Hi there, kind of stumbled accross your blog again. You've probably tried everything under the sun but when my EDS pain get out of hand Tart Cherry juice works for me. It's silly, but it helps me stay asleep no matter how bad the EDS pain gets. It has to be Tart Organic cherry juice, and you have to drink it about a half hour before you go to bed. It does not help you fall asleep it only helps you stay asleep if you are the type of person who keeps waking up. What works for me may not work for you but I thought I would mention it. If it works for you it might save you some pain killers and money. Feel better and take care.

Stephen Baird said...

hey i also fell into your blog. we have a 20 year old daughter with rather severe narcolepsy with cataplexy, all symptoms. she has been to stanford to the narcolepsy clinic. she has to take xyrem for sleep (max dose). hope you get your zzz's!
prayers for you!
nikonsniper steve