Thursday, March 3, 2011

wee... busy busy times.

Well, holy crap work has been insane the last few weeks... this is my 3rd week of working 40+ hours.. I'll actually be working 48 this week somehow..

With all this work, its really hard to feel motivated/have energy to do my PT =( My bursitis had basically become a thing of the past till the last couple of days. Its not bad but its definitely starting again. Last PT session my IT band on the left was super tight again... had to use the stupid foam roller. i hate that thing. it hurts. And i have this massive muscle knot in my lower back on the right, can't seem to work it out to save my life.

I had my little "check up" session with the main PT guy, who i don't even really work with anymore. He irritates me. I decided I don't like him afterall. He started me doing this one exercise to help my "core" and i did a similar one back when I did PT before but I started out a bit slower.. He told me to go faster, but to stop if i can't keep it balanced (lifting each leg off the floor, keeping my lower back pressed to the floor against a towel and not letting my hips/abs shift from side to side at all), and said its not even worth it to keep going with the same leg if i cant keep it even.....and I told him I can't tell based on what hes telling me/seeing if im keeping it even or not, I can't tell. (My old PT used biofeedback w/ a blood pressure cuff all pumped up behind me, and i had to keep the dial even as possible till I could finally a) develop the muscle tone i needed and b) know what im spose to be feeling... - what does this guy do? :

"Your not in tune with your body at all. You need to be able to do them faster because otherwise u wont do them and u need to be able to do them right. Thats a problem. Just like when I ask you how bad your pain is, you don't give me a straight number, u say "2-4" - so is it 1, 3 or 4?"

what the heck dood. No, I'm not in tune with my muscles or joints. My joints do what the hell they want to, how am i suppose to keep track of them? And... if i knew what my body was doing, I wouldn't freaking be here. And painwise, it varies GREATLY depending on the day, what I'm doing, what the weather is doing etc.. so u get a "Average Range"

grrr... that really really irked me.

I ended up not doing those ones that weekend cuz i really didn't know what i was suppose to be doing AT ALL.. then the next i think friday or so, the other PT guy I really like explained it very simply for me, and when I told him I cant tell if the hold is breaking, he told me to use my hands behind my back instead of the stupid rolled up towel so I can actually FEEL the muscles on each side. POOF! I can figure it out now!

I read this thing on this physio message board about how people with EDS shouldn't stretch out their tight hamstrings, cuz its usually "the only thing keeping their knees from subluxating" - thought that was interesting...

I have 2 whole stretches im suppose to do.

He decreased my exercises finally, so its back to taking 2 hours now, instead of 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. thankgod.

I have all these cuts on my finger tips, its irritating the hell out of me. HEAL ALREADY! And i jammed my finger between a drawer and cabnet door that didnt open and it sheared off an inch of skin on my middle finger.. and that sucker needs to hurry up and heal dangit. It hurts and i do NOT like having open cuts on my hands when I'm working.. too many extra nasty bacterias floating around a hospital. - Ive been keeping it covered w/ a bandaid, and then covering that with the op-site/tegaderm we use to cover IV's, cuz it keeps it waterproof about half the night. tryin to leave it open at home to air out but i keep bumping it or accidentally rubbing it and it opens again.

gah =( stupid cuts. I hate the slow healing thing. its annoying.

Ack, gotta get ready for work... did not sleep enough today, boyfriend kept me up. (kept us both up but we did elect to eat the pulled bbq pork sandwiches i made, that was tasty =) (homemade bbq sauce, pork loin in the crock pot). mm..

must stay awake.

K, off I go. dang i need to remember to make a dentist appt.. oof.

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