Sunday, January 30, 2011

starting to like PT a lil more..

Well, PT is going better.. sessions still take about 2 hours, but they seem to be listening to me when certain things don't go very well for me. I'm not allowed to do any IT band stretching anymore, but that means they want me to use the evil bad foam roller thing more...ugh. i hate that thing. lol it hurts.

I have 3 colors of tubing and one band now im working with. I need to get an exercise ball and 2lb weights too so i can do the other ones Im suppose to be doing. I'm sore from it but not as "OH MY GOSH I'M GOING TO DIE" sore as I was, (ok so that may be a tad melodramatic but u get the idea =) its more...muscle soreness which I'm okay with. He said he is going to teach me how to put my SI back in place which is cool, cuz thats one acute 'injury' that happens somewhat frequently and seriously interferes with...well, functioning. i hate that horrid muscle spasm and sciatic pain. He said i'll have to be careful with it cuz i dont want to flip it the other way, and that he wont have me do what he usually would..cuz "I don't make a habit of making already hypermobile joints more mobile' lol I also told him about what the PT lady back in the day did before i knew about EDS (i was like.. 18 or something) and i was having sciatic nerve pain when I walked, she taught me this lil trick to put my SI back in place (tho this doesn't help when the muscle is spasmsing cuz the muscle is interfering) and he said its something, but basically most PT ppl don't use those techniques (and that he was impressed she did). He said he'll focus more on the "muscle energy" techniques to get my muscles to put it back, so hopefully it'll stay. He also seemed rather floored that 3 yrs ago when I initially had the spasm issues, I had to wait 4 weeks for my PT appt, and the doc in the meantime gave me 90 muscle relaxers and a bottle of pain pills.... he said their policy is within 24 to 48 hours for the initial appt, "cuz usually ppl are here because of an injury or surgery and its best to get the ball rolling!"

I'll be working with the other PT guy this week so that should be interesting. I like him better, tho my main PT guy isn't bad, hes listening to me more than I thought he was.

I should probably ask about what shoulder/arm stretches are okay to do cuz those muscles, esp my tricep will get quite sore and I'm not sure if my usual way of stretching things is okay or not...

I just finished my PT stuff.. I'm getting better at standing on one leg but I still can't get thru any one set of exercises without taking a break (the one legged ones).. He said tho that the fact that I can get thru some of them and have noticed that I can do more reps before it becomes a problem is a good sign, and things will just keep getting stronger so I can tolerate more... *crosses fingers* (if i stand on one leg for very long, i get a spasm-cramp-type-burning pain at the front of my hips).

Its gotten to where i really look forward to the end.. with the ice for my shoulders, and the ice and tens unit for both my hips. Though this last time i asked for the heating pack the chick mentioned before, and HOLY CRAP thats nice heh otherwise i sit there freezing for 15min, but having a nice hot pack across my tummy while everything else is frozen is quite nice =) And she gave me a blanket heh I was pretty much nodding off/falling asleep when the timer went off.

Okay, should probably go on.. suppose to go home for the weekend but i procrastinated a bit and decided to chillax (read: Curl up with my Snuggie and do absolutely nothing, finish "the girl who kicked the hornets nest" and catch up on "Lie to me" and Fringe" and fall asleep on the couch a lot hehe) cuz this last work week or two have been a bit much.

Now i getta drive 3 1/2 hours and hang out with my best friend and her kiddos the next 2 days before i gotta come back for more work and PT. wee... (bringing my little bands/tubing cuz i gotta keep up with my PT like a good girl lol). When my Boyfriend saw all my new rubber toys (lol), he asked if i'd taken up IV-drug use cuz they look like that kinda tourniquets. Lol

Hope everyones joints are staying mostly in place =)

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