Friday, January 21, 2011

I think my physical therapist is trying to kill me...

Holy crap.. so i had my first actual day of PT, not just the meet-n-greet one i had on monday.
I worked 8 hours, then drove an hour to where i live, and to my appt (which i am very happy is less than an a mile from my house now)..

My appt took 2 freaking hours. and moving hurts. a lot. hell even not moving hurts right now. I have 3 very tight muscles in my lower body, so i have a couple stretches im spose to do, one of which they kept modifying cuz it was causing my lower back pain when i stood upright again as things tried to shift back in place. And an insane amount of strengthening crap for everything from my legs, hips, low back, abs, and both shoulders. I saw many people come and go during my 2 hr appt.. I sorta like the 2nd PT guy better than I like my primary one... he seems to like, listen to me a lot more, esp about the EDS stuff. The first guy kinda well.. was nice enough but wasnt cluing in when i'd mention something as being a concern or causing me problems. (the office has 2 primary PT doods and then a couple assistants).

The best part was at the very end, when they put tens unit pads on my hips, 4 on each side, then wrapped my whole midsection in ice it seemed (two big ice packs in pillow cases, which were then tied across my stomach lol) and then 2 more ice packs for my shoulders. (i need to get me some of these... ive never felt very inclined to seriously ice my hips until now but holy smeg, they hurt).

except during the icing, i started having SI pain and sciatic pain throbbing down my right leg.. and when i stood up, i could feel the muscle in my lower back start to slowly spasm and get pissed off (like it does when i sit in a car too long) - so i got dressed (cuz i no one told me i'd need to wear a redhead with the whitest legs possible, I dont wear shorts) so i had to wear their shorts.. - anyway, so I mentioned it to the tech, who then alerted the cool PT guy "hey, shes starting to have some severe SI pain" - which the guy was all "Oh I was worried about that! here sit up here and lay down" - and he checked leg length and felt my hips and then had me do this push/pull thing against his hands all isometric style with my knees up on this big foam thing - then it started to stop hurting.. and when he was done, he rechecked things and was all "there, that should be better." - apparently the right SI side got anteriorly rotated.. (i need to ask how to fix it myself cuz once it starts, I'll usually be VERY gimpy for a week or two)
He then changed one of the exercises AGAIN for stretching my IT band (which apparently is very tight and likely causing some of my bursitis issues) which hopefully wont interfere with my SI anymore, if that was the culprit.

I'm suppose to do my exercises once a day (thank god) however i am currently too sore to do them I think.. my hips HURT and are throbbing. I had a hard time falling asleep despite being insanely tired. then i slept an insane amount (about 14hrs off and on) and cant find a position to lay in that doesnt cause a fair amount of pain.. and everything feels just.. unstable. The only part that doesnt hurt that bad and id feel okay doing my stuff for are my shoulders.

I have 2 rubber rope things and a band they sent me home with. and im suppose to get an exercise ball for a couple things.

Im suppose to work the next few nights, not looking forward to that at all since the whole, laying still and moving thing hurts.

I've never felt like my ass has been kicked this hard by PT before.. =( I need to get a 3 ring binder too to organize all my exercise handouts. theres a lot..

i need those big ice packs they have. the only ice pack i have is one that worked great for my foot, but my shoulders and hips are a lot bigger than my foot...wonder if i can get them online for cheaper?? hmm...

i just want to go back to sleep.. im so freaking tired.

as Achmed the Dead Terrorist says... "I NEED SOME LIGAMENTS!"

(you can skip to 2:40min to get to the ligament part =) I love achmed..heh

K.. im gunna like.. um.. continue to sit here or something. maybe read. or fall back asleep. blah. =(

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