Friday, January 7, 2011

yay insurance!

I was tossing and turning and unable to get comfy...between the stupid bursitis, my shoulders sliding too far out when im on my side and the SI joint pain acting up from spending too much time tryin to sleep on my back.. i was tired of it.
So i got up early (ugh i want more sleep) and called my insurance peoples..

My former script for PT will work just fine, YAY! So monday i can call around to the PT places and make an appt. Oh and I don't actually have to have a referall to see a specialist.. which is sorta cool. Also means that my sleep doc apt in Feb wont be a hassle.

then i called to make an apt with the ortho doc, and see if i can convince him to give me cortisone shots in both hips (at the very least one of them so I can sleep on at least one freaking side) so that my PT will be more effective cuz i wont be fighting the inflammation so bad.... - what blows is i took the earliest appt, which was a cancelation.. monday afternoon. Meaning i'll get at the most 4 1/2 hrs of sleep if i goto bed RIGHT AFTER WORK and run to the apt (30min from where i live) only to try to come back here and sleep again before work.. ugh. But, if he agrees to do it, then thatd be awesome. I just want the maximize the PT as much as possible.

so yeah. yay =)

Gotta go make food now.. boyfriend is gunna be up to goto work soon and id like to have dinner ready.. then maybe i can nap before work again?

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