Thursday, December 30, 2010

aches and pains

I think I'm pretty fortunate in that I can't really say I have "chronic pain" - but I definitely am a lot more "stiff and sore" than most people my age.. according to my friends.. and this one patient who told me I can't possibly understand the daily aches and pains one gets when they are older and I should enjoy being in my 20's while I am.... little does she I have noticed that I can't go nearly as long without advil/aleve than I use to.. it didn't use to be a daily thing but its gradually gotten to be. Aleve definitly cuz it lasts longer, and advil a couple times a the very least, before i goto bed and when i wake up. - sure hope I dont end up with any GI bleed issues or anything cuz that would surely suck.

Bursitis in both hips has really been acting up.. making it really hard to sleep on either side at all, which doesn't do good things for my SI joint. lol stupid catch 22. BUT! my insurance card finally showed up! yay! So i looked em up online, and it looks like I have quite a few choices for who I want to see for Physical therapy. sweet. Now the question is... how the heck do i choose?! Ive never had a choice before.. I dont know if calling each place and asking if they have anyone familiar with genetic stuff, or hypermobility stuff, or marfans/EDS would do any good... ?? I lucked out w/ that last PT lady who happened to have a Marfans patient at the same time, so she was very interested in researching it all and customizing everything just so.

I also need to call my insurance peoples and find out if my old script from Aug is still valid or if i need to goto the doc again and get a new script for PT. Tempted to go back to the ortho guy and ask about cortisone shot again... in both hips.. (so im extra miserable for a couple days) - might make the PT more effective if i actually do the and the whole, temporary relief thing until the PT starts helping).

Found out crap about the curves thing.. and that I can go to a local curves, join that one and they wont charge me the sign up fees. I was apparently suppose to get my packet in the mail but that obviously never showed.. or got lost. Soo i really want to do that. i know i need it.. (tho moreso when my hips get fixed again my PT so extra crap can have a chance to stop hurting and the right muscles will be firing). As much as I am tempted to try a "normal" gym, curves is so much more gentle and better for my joints i think. And the new curves is RIGHT on the way home from work too...more incentive.

that shoulder blade muscle knot keeps coming back too.. it usually goes away after a muscle relaxer or two but then it shows back up a couple weeks later. Hoping PT of my shoulders will help that too..

I want daily massages.. badly. i have all sorts of new knots in my back and shoulders I didnt use to have.

oohh I had this one a couple wks ago in my lower was like pinching a nerve or something, holy crap it hurt to walk or move.. sucked at work cuz i couldnt do some basic stuff.. grr. finally went away after lots of rubbing it and taking muscle relaxers (and then thats when my SI joint started acting up again more so Lol.. - why must everything be so interconnected?! lol)

Okay.. i gotta go pass out. I was called off work, then put on call, and then called in for 4 1/2 hrs of work cuz someone went home sick (got time and 1/2 for that heh) but now i gotta crash cuz i got work again tonight.



Jette said...

At your age my pain was not chronic yet either, although it was not long after that it began to increase, so please take care of yourself! You do at least have the advantage of knowing that you have EDS. I only found out this year (at age 37) after doing so much damage to myself that I can't turn back.

I kept being told that my problems were all a result of being overweight and out of shape, so I kept trying to exercise my way to health... which even with EDS is a valid strategy, but without knowing I HAD EDS I was doing exercises in a very unhealthy way and only doing more damage.

It is definitely great that you are going to be able to get PT, and hopefully with someone who will educate themselves about EDS and be sure you are exercising properly for our special EDS considerations. Even Physical Therapists can push us too hard if they don't understand the consequences.

Oh, by the way... I used to take both Aleve and Advil too because I liked Aleve for my fibro/muscle pain and Advil for my joint/arthritis pain. When I mentioned it to my doctor she told me NOT take both of these meds on the same day, so you might want to check with your doc to see what they recommend for your case.

Bendy_Clutz said...

Thanks for the comment =) Thats pretty similar to what my mom experienced too, shes had "pain everywhere" since she was 11 yrs old, with lots of random small injuries and various surgical complications... but after she turned 30, she said things got a whole lot worse. (I am a bit worried about that). It seems so strange how EDS seems to be more of a gradual thing, things just slowly get worse and worse... whereas in other people, they hit a certain age and EVERYTHING just starts falling apart at the same time..
strange condition we have.

That really sucks about all that extra damage =( Similar to my mom.. we didn't get diagnosed till a few years ago, mom was about 54 or 55.

I sure hope I get a good PT...

Thanks for the heads up, I know I shouldn't be taking them both.. but when it really hurts, its hard to listen to my own advice, esp when I need to get through a shift or sleep.. Maybe i should try just the aleve and take it really regularly and then try to cut back on the advil as just a break through thing.. really don't want to give myself an ulcer or get a GI bleed..

Thanks =)

Jette said...

Do you have any prescription pain relievers available to you? I have found that Tramadol (Ultram) works really well, without having that woozy, sleepy effect that you get with strong narcotics like vicodin.

Bendy_Clutz said...

Hmm... both my parents have taken Ultram before and they both liked it. I tried one of them a couple times after getting cortisone shots and it seemed to help with the cortisone flare...
I have leftover narcotics from various things, and i don't like them at all (I'm pretty sensitive to drugs... codeine gives me a horrid headache and makes me nauseated before it knocks me out, vicodin makes me puke 99% of the time, and percocet works the best, but it gives me a headache and makes me sick to my stomach right before it knocks me the heck out, but i dont usually wake up with a headache like I do with codeine..)

I hadn't thought to ask to try Ultram though, thats a really good idea.. thanks!