Monday, December 6, 2010

stupid muscle knot!

So I got sick randomly.. that was obnoxious. Least it started on my first-of-4-days-off... and so i was able to drug the hell out of myself and SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP... I took what drugs i had on hand that would knock me out, only needed it about once a day cuz im now also off my desipramine (i had 2 days left but with only 2 days left and it costing over 100 bucks to refill the script without my insurance (that hopefully will announce itself in my mailbox soon..) - yeah.. no point. So yeah.. I took drugs, and pretty much slept for almost all of 48 hours.. i woke up to talk to T a little bit before and after his work, and that was pretty much it.
but i feel better now. I just have a dry bronchitis-like cough here and there, not bad enough to do anything about thankgod. And my nose is done being stupid and i havent seen gross thick green crap for awhile. and i feel better. yay.

cept for this crazy muscle knot in my shoulder blade that makes turning my head to the right really hurt.... i can feel the knot and holy crap it hurts.

since im feeling better I really want to like.. dress up all fun-like and have fun. T took an extra shift tonight (overtime) and im working tomorrow (his day off) so.. next will it will have to be...

my scale has me down 40lbs from this time last year... very weird. i dont feel that much smaller.. and im now basically my long standing "goal weight" i always said id want to be but didnt think i ever would be..

my curves apparnetly closed down.. and i hadnt transfered my membership yet.. so now i gotta see if i can transfer my membership.. cuz otherwise id have to sign up again at a different one and itd cost more money and crap =( which i dont have.. and i really want to goto curves damnit.

i want my insurance info so i can figure out the physical therapy thing.. i getta keep my doc (yay!) but i dont know if my old script she wrote me in Aug would still be good..? or if i have to go back again, and get a new one. i dont know. the info LOOKS like i should be able to self-refer but i dont know. and i gotta figure out where to go.... ive never had an option before.

blah, gotta be productive. put clothes away and put more of the kitchen away.. all my crap is glaring at me in its boxes and i dont know what to do with it all..

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