Thursday, December 2, 2010

joints, sleep, and advil...

so theoretically, i get to start PT this month.. yay! Shoulder has been really bugging me. and it won't stay put at all. A nurse i was giving report to commented on my shoving it back into place.. i do it kinda subconsciously now and it thunked kinda loudly with an obvious couple inch shift back into place and she was all "Woa.. was that your shoulder? Is that rotator cuff problems?" needing to be a bit more creative with my pillow placement too when I sleep. I think i need another squishy pillow, usually i use one for my head but in the winter, i need to sleep on 2 or my nose gets all stuffy (grr)...and then i have my body pillow for my hips and kinda shoulder, but when i steal the bfs pillow when hes not here, it works a lot better.. - yup, im turning into my mother. lol

I rarely have restless leg issues.. during my sleep study i barely qualified as having restless leg.. and the mirapex was bad for me cuz i couldnt stay awake to save my life the next day, ("rare side effect") - but EVERY SO OFTEN i cant get comfy and i have to keep moving them, esp as im trying to sleep. last night was one of those nights.. bloody hell it was obnoxious. and tony wasnt here so i just kept flipping back and fourth. usually im fine sleeping alone so i dont think that was it but gah.. (he fully admits to not being able to sleep when im not here tho.. he says im not allowed to be gone during the day anymore lol) I miss my super soft bed... we're sleeping on a king mattress at the moment (freakin huge) and its good for his back but i need a few more pillows.. i think when we get all situated, and my old bed is all made up in the guest room, then thats where im gunna sleep when hes not here Lol..

so i dont have my script drug info yet... but im damn near close to being out of my desipramine.. and i just found out its $110 to pay outta pocket for.. which i dont really want to pay for. maybe i'll go without and show the bf how insanely difficult i am to wake up without it.. (ha! and he thought i was hard to wake up

im trying to resist the urg to take my adderall.. its been 3 days or so now. Goin back to the whole, caffeine thing again. not sure what im trying to prove... cept that im not dependent on the adderall, i only take it a few days a week as it is but yeah.. its also nice not having the crazy dry mouth (between adderall and disipramine, i get pretty bad cotton mouth) - i'll probably take it again this weekend so i dont sleep away my days off. id rather take it when im not working than when I am so I'm more productive on my off days. damn narcolepsy.

i also forgot to take my advil and aleve for a couple days.. and then was wondering why i was so dang duh. i needed to get out of bed and take it so i could sleep more the other day and he asked where i was going so i had to tell him.... i hate admitting that. i'd much rather just take my meds in silence and not let on..

okay i gotta wake up and get ready for work.. last day of the week, which is nice... and

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