Sunday, November 21, 2010

so much to say...

I keep thinking about posting here, and then i get distracted. A few times i started to write, and then saw something shiny (or something =). I usually dont write when im on my PC, i usually do it before bed, lap top in lab, right b4 passing out... but someone else has been using my laptop (don't realize how much ya miss something till its not available lol) and i've been busy.

I got a benefited staff position... so that means, INSURANCE!! which means... PHYSICAL THERAPY BABY!! I'm oober excited =) The cortisone shot in my hip has mostly worn off, so the bursitis is pretty angry, and overall im just.. pretty sore. I've been regularly consuming aleve and advil, and yesterday I didnt, thinking "well heck im not working, so.. i can like..not take it this time" - and then later, i kept wondering why I was soo sore, my hips, shoulders, knees, back, neck woops. I've also been living in scrubs with a long sleeve shirt under, and havent spent much time in front of a mirror apparently because I stripped for my shower in front of a mirror, and holy crap i have a bunch of bruises! All over my arms and legs. Damn EDS and Aleve... but least im not as sore? =)

I cant wait till i can do PT again.. i hope i get a good physical last one was pretty awesome.

I also will have dental insurance, for the first time in a really long time.. im nervous about that. =(

anyway, i have WAY too much crap to do and i keep not doing it.. so off i go..

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