Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nearing the end of PT

Well, apparently I've come a long way in the last couple of months. My bursitis is all but gone, they finally showed me how to put my SI back in place, I'm sleeping better. Shoulders are still pretty lax and I gotta shove em back In a few times a day but I can sleep on my side fully supported w my pillows and don't have that irritating feeling in the joint that tells me its shifted too far forward or back right when i try to sleep anymore. It's getting spendy too so I was Gunna talk to them about releasing me or cutting it Down.
But I was due for my monthly prog note so worked well :) the guy I like more did it this time and he said muscle wise I'm pretty dang strong now. Since my pain has significantly gone down the last 2 wks, he doesn't wanna cut me loose yet but we decided to do once a week for the next month and then call it good. They also have an "alumni program" which means I can come work out here whenever I want to or if i start having issues w something I can drop in and they will tell me what to do. Or if I can't get my SI back, they'd see which way it's rotated and fix it for me :) pleased about all that. :)
I just gotta keep up w my stuff at home. It's harder to remember when I'm not actively hurting as much lol. Still pretty aleve dependent but haven't needed to supplement w the advil as much. Need to remember to regularly ice stuff too, they pointed out the whole..end of the inflammatory process which is the laydown of scar tissue...which I have a lot of in my hip joints..they said it's probably another attempt to try and hold me together.
Oh and I need to get this super heavy duty brace for my knees.. So my patella is held in place better. For a few weeks they were taping them and Woa it felt so so much better..my knees don't usually hurt but I felt so much more stable!! He said my knees were "loosey goosey" lol I didn't realize how I automatically adjusted how I walk and move to prevent my knees from moving certain ways and causing twinges of pain that I well, never realized was there till it was gone lol :-) so I want the braces to wear when I work and walk a lot.

K gotta get some sleep before work tonight..I made homemade chili and corn bread last night, wasn't the best but was pretty tasty :-) hope Ppl are staying together. :)

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