Tuesday, September 7, 2010

cortisone shot-done!

Well, i got my shot in my hip on friday... and just so you know, that "rare" "10% of people" side effect of cortisone flare... yeah, it sucks. Friday was the worst, saturday was pretty bad till i figured out that as long as i just layed down the whole time, i'd do okay. lol which didn't coincide with the plans of wanting to go back home to see my best friends baby this weekend =( She had him on the 31st and i was hoping i could spend the wkend back home... aw well =( Driving hurt too bad. That position did bad things for the hip.

Some reason my right SI joint has been pissed off ever since then, not entirely sure why.

I liked the ortho doc better this time, tho im still not super impressed by any means. I also decided to randomly ask him about this weird sharp pain in my knees every so often that is kinda sporadic.. turns out i have bursitis in my knees as well! how exciting hah.. its on the inside part of my knee, below the kneecap, apparently its also a point of attachment for muscles there so he told me to do some gentle stretches, and ice and the usual anti-inflammatorys.

i go back to work in the morning... should be sleeping, but ive been staying up pretty late so im not tired yet...woops. well, sorta tired. should probably try sleeping now.. its sorta dumb, cuz i work day shift tomorrow for "skills training" 10am-430pm, and then starting wednesday night, i'm on night shift (11pm-730am) for the next 2 weeks..(with only 1 day off for 10 days of work)... so the obnoxious part, is that ive been stayin awake kinda late this weekend, then tomorrow i gotta be up early, only to do my best to stay awake as late as possible, so that on wed night, im not falling asleep at work..and not falling asleep on my way home from work.. grrr..

stomach has been hurting the last couple days... would like that to knock it the heck off now.

okay, time for bed.. Ooh i made apple crisp tonight, pretty tasty tho i think the recipie used a little too much sugar, i put a lil less than it called for, and i used pretty tart apples, but aw well.. still good =)

i have a feeling tomorrow is gunna be long day..

but soon, hopefully with my hip calming down, and my SI joint eventually knocking what its doing off, then i can get my lazy butt back to curves... yes, yes i would like that very much.

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