Friday, August 20, 2010

distracted by reading about EDS...woops!

So I was suppose to head out on the 4 1/2 hr drive back home for my birthday this weekend...and the plan was to go in the middle of the night after work.. but i was a bit too tired, so i showered and took some of my special help me stay awake meds (adderall from my sleep doc guy) and.....well, i packed.. but i got massively side tracked reading stuff about EDS.. wandered across a facebook EDS page, and its awesome! the photos make me want to get someone to take my pic doing the ones I can do, before my joints all get arthritis and things hurt too dont have any documentation of any of me and moms weird stuff..Lol And the "You might have EDS if...." on the discussion board is absolutely priceless! =)

made a cd for the road.. im hungry but NOTHING sounds good..
gah.. and now im dumb so im probably gunna hit traffic.. dangit.
And as much as i wanna power through the drive, i know i'll need to stop a few times so I dont end up with SI-related-muscle spasms, which would totally put a damper on my birthday weekend...

Im bummed that i procrastinated so much cuz now i wont getta spend as much time with my best friend tonight, cuz when i get into town, I'll be meeting mom and going out to eat with her.. have some stuff to catch up on, and an emotional topic i think im finally ready to talk about.

My joints hurt... unfortunately i think my reading about other peoples stuff, and various questions/MD concerns etc... it makes me a bit more aware of things. And... i did some of the stuff i saw in pictures, "to see if i could do it" - and i think things are a bit achy because of that too... wooops...

Have my apt with the Ortho guy on Wed morning...(which got me on the whole, EDS-info-topic, makes me wonder if i should print something out for him? Ive never seen a specialist for an EDS-related-deal really before so... (my primary has always just sent me to PT in the past) and i dont wanna get dismissed or something... hmm.. . suggestions?

K.. off i go! I'll be 26 on Sunday. yay! Should be a fun weekend, minus the drive. lol =) Then... drive back monday morning, and work 3 days, one off, then 2 more... eep!

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