Monday, September 13, 2010

staying mostly put together..

well, holding up a bit better than i thought i would. i think there is still a bursa sack thats pissed off in my right hip but the cortisone shot took care of the bigger one or main one that was annoyed.. apparently there are 3 little ones in there. And the butt one on the right hurts fairly bad the last couple days.. burning achy.. and that one hurts even when laying down which sucks. Doc had said something about glutes kinda protecting it.. so i wanna really try to remember to do glute exercises i'm suppose to do anyway (due to the whole, weak glue thing the pt told me) to see if that'll provide a lil more cushion or something?
and the left hip has been intermittently annoying still, but nothing compared to how bad the right one got...

damn bursitis. just took 4 advil and 2 aleve. if i didnt have to leave, id ice it again....dont really feel like sitting on an icepack in the car lol

I really miss my super dooper soft bed.

finally got the stretchy bands so i started doing the shoulder exercises the doc told me to do.. not entirely sure if im doing them right, one benifit to working with a PT, they can tell you if the right muscles are doing their job, and exactly what ur joints are doing vs what they are suppose to do lol.. but i suppose muscle tone is muscle tone at this point. i kept having to shift the right shoulder back in place last week.. it never stays where its suppose to, and sometimes when its shifted forward, it starts to really bug me, like a nerve isnt lined up right, or the muscles are pulling wrong. aw well.

im finally working night shift, but only for one more week till i gotta switch back to evening shift for a week or two.. and then im prayin they put me back on nights for good. the guy im working with on nights wrote a thing up about me saying I'm ready to work on my own... aww yay =) I feel pretty good about nights, evening shift i dont feel.. quite put together lol I know my sleep is better on nights usually, though because i havent been able to be on the same sleep schedule for more than a week or two, im still kinda all over the place right now, which sucks. I did however finally buy some black garbage bags (cheapo, 10 for a lil over $1 lol) and i taped them over the windows (with the blinds and curtains over so it just looks like nighttime iniside) and ohh i finally slept the last 2 days! I had haphazardly put sheets over the windows but it wasnt dark enough. (its fine for a day or two, but i wake up too much if its not super dark). I work 5 days in a row again this week, but now thats dark enough im hoping i'll sleep better and goto bed early enough..

seriously want to goto curves. i know i need it. i need to cardio, that is easy on my joints, and i really need the muscles. tho i know i need more ab work, cuz i have no ab muscles like.. at all. lol

ack, i gotta go.. im going to go look at a place for rent......and theres a lot of complicated stuff that goes along with that... involving my "ex" boyfriend that wants to move back here and us possibly getting a place. and i dont know what to do.. =( i'm afraid he is right when he says that when it comes to me and him, we both have to jump in with both feet, the last 5 yrs have proven that much.. and damn, we really were really good together, as long as there wasnt 8 months of 8 hrs of distance between us...

i want to call the EAP thing thru my work and make an apt... i think i need it for a few things.. hopefully the counselor is as good as the one i saw 5 yrs ago thru moms EAP work thingy.

On the plus side to everything...
I discovered Cocoanut Milk Anti-breakage serum and holy crap my hair is soft! and smells like real coconuts =) I THINK this is the crap my friend courtney put on my hair after she cut it one time a few yrs ago and i had been on the lookout for it ever since.. I have really long (natural) red hair, and lately its just been.. blah. im over due for a hair cut anyway but yeah. i think i'll leave it down today =)

Okay, gotta find clothes and head out to check out the 4-plex.. its ground level, so no or very little steps.. thankgod. lol me and steps dont get along for obvious reasons... do NOT want to live somewhere with 13 steps again. lol looks cute.... we'll see. still keeps dawning on me that I'm a Nurse heh... =)

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