Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm a bendy nurse! =)

this transporter gig is kicking my butt..
tuesdays suck for surgery!! too freaking many damnit.

on the plus side, most of the nurses keep introducing me, as a fellow nurse. After explaining the whole, "been a CNA for 5 years, im temporary, filling in a gap in the schedule as a transporter... though i did graduate nursing school last month and as of last week, am a registered nurse" - a patient asked "Oh so your an RN too?" - and even tho I had just said it.. hearing the patient say that?? woa..
Another patient asked me how long i've been a nurse (assuming that since i'm in the PACU/Recovery with everyone else in the same clothes, i must be an RN) - I had to stop myself from denying it..lol soo use to 'oh i'm not a Nurse, i'm an nrusing assistant' or 'Oh but i am in nursing school"..
nope, I'm a freaking nurse! hah
never had so many congratulations or whatever either heh since most of the time when the nurses introduce me as such, theres some explanation involved.

PACU is interesting but really my cup of tea. I'm learning crap though which is cool, and most have been super awesome about answering my questions or going into detail about various things. also did a jaw thrust on a real live patient hah only done it on the cpr dummies before. tho i have to stop this one from offering to let me do stuff i'm technically not allowed to do as a "CNA/Transporter" but thats okay.

meanwhile though... I had a patient yesterday that i would bet money that she either has ehlers danlos or another very similar connective tissue disorder. Her sister has had 3 hip replacements, her first in her 20's. She has always been very flexible and double jointed. skin that looks and feels like mine (i dont have classic but it definitely qualifies as very soft and velvety or whatever.. despite a total lack of lotion Lol. ) you could also see all her veins like me... while i dont have vascular type, i'm pretty damn see through in most places (except the normal places they go for blood draws of course! hah but you can literally trace all of the little veins throughout my wrist, palms and fingers.. ). she had early onset arthritis, same with her sis. and numerous numerous other various joint issues over the years..
she said "I think my sis and i have some kind of genetic condition" but shed never been tested or anything..
i dont know what like.. legally i'm allowed to do in that position, but i did tell her about a condition that runs in my family that sounds really similar.. and that there ARE genetic connective tissue disorders... etc.. tried to sorta refer her to her doc or mention it and mentioned abotu what a genetisit does cuz shed never heard of one.

she also said one of her folks was very similar too.... i asked. Lol

anyhoo.. im hurting. and i want aleve, but im already breakin out in bruises again. but it, plus the advil helps a lot...and right now just the advil aint cutting it. and i have 3 more days of this this week, then 2 days off that i need to pack, and then 3 more days.. they extended my 3 week contract thru next week. least i'll get overtime this week if i can physically make it through these shifts.

my right shoulder is increasingly worrying me. when i have the insurance for it, i really want shoulder PT. just doesnt feel stable at all. And im using it a lot with the beds im pushin and 02 tanks im carryin and lifting.

and if i put my feet up for any length of time, as soon as i step down again i get really bad sharp stabby pains throughout.. have to pause, wiggle my foot around and proceed with caution. use to get it a lot as a kid..

also have LOTS of new little very tender muscle knots all along my spine.. i sooo want a massage.

I like getting to talk to my patients and know them a little better.. and call me crazy, but i LIKE floor nursing.. and i LIKE night shift floor nursing...lol varies depending on the hospital but generally, i like it. My ideal would be to get on an Oncology floor..

Oh and it sounds like i'm going to have an interview at a local TINY hospital heh 44 beds. (compared to the 700+ bed place im working now heh). my clinical instructor for the last 6 months of school had a little chat with the hiring manager.. (she works in the OR there). and i got a call about a per diem night shift position (they start EVERYONE on per diem, and usually they have a benefited position within a couple months). I really liked precepting there. I'm a little afraid i'll get bored, but on some level.... a med/surg/tele floor that gets EVERYTHING from hip replacements to heart problems to pnemonia to infections is... somewhat better cuz then i get the whole gammet to start. (Instead of my only lead at the big hospital, which is an Ortho floor... and really? how many knees/hips/shoulders/backs can you do? lol i like the patients but as a nurse, its mostly pain control.. things dont go wrong very often (unless your my mom heh). so itd probably be more challenging in that respect....
i dont know.
whatever job i get, will be the right one..

and im single.. tryin to process everything expect that bit.

aw crap i gotta pass out.

'nother day of this tomorrow! Joints pllleeeeaaassseee stay where your suppose to...


Pink Doberman said...

You are to be commended for pushing through the pain and following your dreams! I admire you! Do all that you can while you can! I've regretted that I lived my life to the fullest while I could. One of the best things I ever did!

elise said...

Congratulations! Take good care of yourself but also enjoy the excitement of your accomplishments!

Bendy_Clutz said...

awww thank you both!! =)