Saturday, July 10, 2010

"But I learned that moving on, is where I must begin"

Well.. I'm a Nurse!! =) I passed my boards and am officially a licensed professional, a Registered Nurse ;)

I have to be out of my little house (its approx 350 sq feet...heh yeah, its tiny) in 3 weeks because of the new owners. I will really miss my lake and privacy and awesome kickass view (I took the picture from my porch =)

But.. just like moving 4 hours from my hometown was quite the adventure, getting through nursing school and supporting myself..
so will this next phase eh?

even though..
it appears that i will have to couch surf for awhile after i move.. everything will get thrown into storage and I have a few different people different places that have offered up their houses, spare rooms, or couches... I have pretty rad friends. =)

I just wish I had a Nursing job.. so i could, like.. plan? lol I'm working on it... but its a tough market for new grads out there.Esp because i REALLY want a hospital gig, I've been in hospitals for the last 5 1/2 years, c'mon! And according to my preceptor and clinical instructor for the last 6 months.... I don't need the "extensive" new grad training/orientation some places provide.. couple months of somoene following me around and i'll be fine.. c'mon!

My temp gig people really like me. Tryin to network there..
And they want me for all 5 days next week... oh, my, gosh.
Physically, I'm a bit worried. Last time after just 3 days i could barely walk and had over 20
50 hours, 5 10hr shifts. then 2 days off, and then 3 more shifts..
they extended my 3 week contract to 4 weeks, and added 2 shifts.
which financially, is a godsend...
but man.
Guess i'll be training their new transporter though 2 of those days so i'll have a little help.

Afterwards, i'll only have a week and 1/2 left till I gotta be outta here.. eep!

Thankfully, i dont think i have a lot of stuff.... I had to downsize a bit when I moved here, and i've been gettin rid of steadily over the last awhile.. and i'm debating about getting rid of my couch (its not in great condition but i still really like it!) and my coffee table... just cuz they are big and take up more room... and i know i'll be getting rid of stuff as I throw things into boxes too.

my bed is staying though, in storage or whatever. I love my bed, it doesn't make my hips hurt like most beds.

I'm such an anal retentive planner, this is driving me

I did however, throw my little AC in the window so I have been perfectly cool and comfy during this heat wave.. (i got my AC for $15 at a yard sale about 4 years ago =)

My boyfriend broke up with me. part of me is okay with it, part of me is trying to figure out if i should do whatever it takes to try to really get over him once and for all (i've bene hung up on him for nearly 5 years... 5 very complicated years).. or... i dont know. we're friends, as we have been all along.. hes basically my best friend. distance SUCKS. and my own insecurities and trust issues and neuroses dont help matters. Im trying not to dwell or think abotu it cuz i have too many other things on my plate.

Im fiercely independent, but i have to depend on people in 3 weeks.. like i never have before. I've lived alone, independently for the last 5 years.. this should sure be interesting..
my best friend (er.. chick friend=) Amy, she thinks I need to go back home and jsut be a "HoBo Nurse!" Lol... I wanna go back, i really do. I miss it so much, and i miss my friends so much.. but the job market is horrible there for new grads... so if i can land something up here, i'll be better off..

i've been eating quite a bit of advil and aleve.. well, stopped the aleve but i think i'll need it again this week. man I'm not looking forward to it. Least i wont be on a massive sleep deprivation deal from the get go. and im a lot better with controlling the beds now, so its not QUITE as crazy but man..

somehow it'll all work out right? i made it this far... I'm a freaking Registered Nurse!! My goal for the last.. smeg, as long as I can remember.. somehow everything else will fall into place. it has this far...

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Congratulations!!! Way to go! I am sure you will find a great job, keep at it!!