Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hip Pain,,,,bursitis or arthritis?

Well, i am FINALLY done at the Transporter job, and yup, i was at my physical limits... and a bit beyond. I was so dang sore after doing the 46 hr week, that i ended up sleeping...well, an insane amount. and ever since then, my right hip has been periodically bothering me, esp when i'm trying to do things like.. ya know, walk. lol

My right hip is the loser of the two.. and ive done a lot of physical therapy over the years for my SI, actual hip joint, and knees.. tho i admit i have sucked greatly at keeping up with those exercises i really need to be doing DAILY....

Other than having to take Aleve every 12 hours and Advil every 4-6 hours when on and off work to function and do the job at all, and basically getting beat up while doing it by the stupid 02 tanks and beds and elevators and my normal, running-into-everything - I ended up with A LOT of bruises.. okay, fine.. no biggie. Cept at the end of the week, it felt like my whole hip was bruised, painful to the touch, but i almost had to put pressure on my hip itself on the outside of my thigh when i walked to keep it manageable, and i started limping.
then when i was tryin to sleep, i couldnt lay on that side.
i was sure some big bruise would show up, but other than the random decent bruises on my left hip and side, bruises there.. but dang it hurt.

ended up doing some internet searches and its probably either the start of arthritis, or its Hip Bursitis. While im quite sure i'll end up with arthritis if its not that anyway cuz of well, how the joints are.. it seems to more closely match bursitis... - tho i do have pain at the like..lower-butt area on that side, its a lot worse on the outside thigh area, like where they do the incision for hip surgery..and the same spot that the bone likes to jut out to the side sometimes if i walk wrong or show someone my "weird hip" lol..

i thought it would go away.. i havent done much but it started hurting again after a short walmart trip.. and seems to come and go, depending on what im doing. Apparently walking makes it

mentioned it to mom this evening, who thinks that while I still have insurance, i should get it checked out... doubt theyd do anything.. and i dont have PT coverage... but may be worth mentioning..? but im pretty sure they'll just tell me to rest it..
which i'll do the most i can, but i start my nursing job in a lil over a week, and im moving this week yeah..
Maybe thats one good thing about it being 8 hr shifts and not 12?... maybe.. and i wont have QUITE as much running around as i do as a CNA, and not as much as i did as a Transporter.. soo.. yeah.

aw well. stupid new pains.

wish i knew when id have insurance again...

k its bedtime and i have SOO much to do its not even funny.. i managed to sleep and read today away and was 120% NOT-productive...Lol woops. =)


Saurou said...

I'm dealing with bursitis in my left hip right now and it's no fun at all. I'm sorry that you sound like you're going through the same thing! :( Same location and feeling. The only advice I've been given by doctors (since EDS complicates all PT for me anyway) is to go crazy on anti-inflamatories (which it sounds like you already are) and stay the heck off of it. Once it feels like it's beginning to get better, it is SO easy to make it flare up again by returning to your normal routine, so rest if you can. And try sleeping with a pillow between your legs if you don't already. Best of luck and take care!

Bendy_Clutz said...

Aw thanks.. As unfortunate as it is that there are other people out there with similar weird pains and problems, it is kind of comforting in a way ya know?
Well good to know that i'm doing what i should be doing with it!

I had a really good physical therapist a couple years ago who previously, had never worked with an EDS-er, but while she was working wiht me, she also had someone with Marfans so she ended up doing a lot of research and really helping me out which was pretty amazing! Wish i could work with her again!

Best of luck to you as well!