Thursday, July 29, 2010

Different and new hip/butt pain..

Well, the (likely) bursitis pain seems to like when I sit down a bit.. and dont lay on that side and it REALLY hates grocery stores... a friend of mine came up to help me with the move, and he asked why i was holding my hip when i walked lol oops.. then because i was favoring my right hip, my left neuroma in my foot started acting up, oh come on! I need new orthotics or i need a new metarsal pad put in some shoes...

So yea.. that pain i mentioned at the well, base of my butt sotospeak (posterior , its gotten WAY more obnoxious.. like, it aches, a lot. Im tryin to sit down to help the side trochanter hip bursitis thing, but then my ass hurts! Feels like anytime i'm sitting, that I'm sitting on two umm.. balls all the time lol. On the right, it alternates between aching and burning More very obnoxiously annoying than "OMG THAT HURTS!" type deal... but its really frustrating. Sitting is usually the one position I can be in, and have things not hurt...

So as it stands, if i sit down, i have basically upper thigh/butt pain on both sides, if i stand or walk for any length of time, then i have right sided thigh pain that makes me want to grab my hip and sit down. This, is very obnoxious, esp when i'm about to lose my insurance and start my first nursing job, which is going to be 40 hours a week (5, 8 hr shifts) for the next couple of months..
Oh and I'm moving in a couple days and i have to be all packed and ready and out of my house! (which btw.... i suck badly and still have * alot* of work to do...). And since sitting hurts... where i am temproarily moving to, i'll have almost an hour commute to and from work.. so in addition, 2 hours of driving a day... until i can afford my own place again.

So yea.. according to research, this newly getting worse pain could also be bursitis, - perhaps ischiogluteal bursitis?

Why the heck would i suddenly develop all this dang bursitis?!

Stupid temp job I had to do for a month... its continually kicking my butt and i'm not even doing it anymore! lol

Hmph. =(

K, i need to go through clothes again/still, and goto bed... finding a semi-comfy position is kinda hard right now tho.. thankgod for my body pillow and super soft bed.


Flexability is over rated, creativity is ingenious said...

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Having a pain in the butt is no fun! Would it be worth trying acupuncture or something like that?

Bendy_Clutz said...

Thats a good question, I dont know. Ive never tried acupuncture. Not against it by any means, just... never had an oppertunity to try it Lol. You have any luck with it before? =)