Tuesday, April 20, 2010

*pop* goes my neck....


i thought i'd be able to turn over in bed and get an hour or two more sleep..

turns out i was wrong.

I turned over, flipped my pillow and....then the sudden intense really bad pain started in my neck. Had me in tears.. i tried ot just lay there, relax the muscles and pretend it didnt happen lol.. psst. that doesn't work too well.

Ended up scooting, very slowly and very painfully over to the cord my phone was plugged into and got my phone. Called mom (who is really far away) who suspected the same thing.. that something in my neck sure wasn't in place. So she asked if i knew anyone who had a ciropractor that wasn't a quack.. thought of my friend Debbie (i know all of 2 people i consider friends here).

Called Debbie in tears...who asked where i lived and made a call to her non-snap-crackle-pop-chiropractor who agreed to see me =) So Debbie showed up an hour later and it took about 20-25min to get me out of bed... kept having insanely bad muscle spasms in my neck when i tried to move, at all.

Turns out my C-2 vertebre was way out of place.. and my right shoulder was subluxated which was causing a lot of the neck pain when i moved my arm. And, a few ribs weren't in place as well.

(thats the arm ive never had pain per say, but it definitely doesn't feel like its in the right spot a lot of the time..and i end up popping and moving around a lot when i sleep and when im driving).

She uses pressure, alignment, energy and your own muscles to get the bones back in place. It was interesting.. way different than previous chiro stuff i've done...(tho the one i trust also uses energy -something to tell whats outta wack).and caused a lot less pain than the sudden jarring adjustments i've had before. She said normally she'd do a lil more extreme complicated maneuvers but since i was in so much pain, she went the slow route.. spent about an hour on me. But when she was done, I could turn my neck.. and the insane muscle spasms had stopped. Still hurts but its a manageable hurt.

She told me to take my alieve, and also suggested arnica montana homeopathic stuff for further anti-inflammatory help.. and this other homeopathic liquid stuff called "Rescue Remedy" for relaxing, to in turn calm the muscles down more, if im more relaxed...and said i should start feeling better but that i need ot really sleep and just rest and let the muscles and joints calm down. and to ice it.

So, my awesome friend who saved the day whos way into the natural/herbal/homeopathic stuff, got me the things..and also got me Topricin, which i had heard about form someone else who praised it for joint pain and healing.. - the lady at the supplement store recommended it.

And mom suggested a neck brace to lounge around the house in... to give my muscles a break. Why not...never hurts to add another brace to my collection!!

I'm a lot better than this morning by far, but i'm still hurting quite a bit. nervous abotu tomorrow (class 6 hours....oof) and nervous about going to sleep and laying down and the ability to get back up.. but i think it'll be okay..

Debbie and her awesome family mommy'd me today which, with reluctance, i accepted graciously. She made me this reallllllly good tea (then sent me home w/ a bunch) (Tulsi Tea.. also spose to help w/ healing and stuff) and her hubby made this awesome huge bbq dinner (beef ribs, pork ribs, chicken, corn on the cob etc..).. I wanted to come home initally but im glad i stayed. I had fun, and it was kind of nice not having to cook or eat like crap or get my own ice for a change haha One thing that sucks about living alone.

Do not know what i wouldda done w/out her...seriously. I couldnt freaking get out of bed.

She doesnt think i should goto class tomorrow and i should borrow someones lecture on tape but i need to.. i dont do welll with lecture on tape, i fall asleep. Dont know how to explain to ppl either... "um.. i tweaked my neck/slept wrong, it'll be fine." - gotta down play crap.

Besides, only 4 more days of class.. least i did this today and not tomorrow...

im gunna get 5 hrs of sleep b4 i gotta be up. ugh. if its *too* bad i'll skip the last couple hrs but i think i'll be okay.. im better than i was.

Mom mentioned about my car wreck a few yrs ago... i had messed up the same vertebre, my old awesome chiropractor fixed me then. it wasnt anywhere near this intense though, nor did it cause oober bad spasms. ....and i know I've tweaked it off and on since then, usually in bed or turning my head too fast... but it usually slips back into place shortly after.

I really really hope this doesnt start doing this with any regularity or frequency..

... my friend pointed out that i managed to partially dislocated my vertebre, in bed... and i wasnt even doing anything fun! lol Apparently that takes a special kind of talent Lol.

I swear i always hurt myself doing mundane normal things Lol

K...bedtime now. get my precious 5 hours of sleep.

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