Tuesday, April 6, 2010

last quarter of nursing school!

Well, I am a bit proud to say i did stick to my goals of going to curves regularly.. well, until i went to Florida (courtesy of a couple friends who live there, had some extra cash layin around and decided that i deserve a kickass break a long way from home =). But i went for 7 weeks! And, I in that time i lost 5lbs and 6 inches... I'm down about 10lbs since christmas-time. And despite 3 weeks of spring break and not working out, I've kept it all off.

I havnt had any new weird joint issues either since going =) Other than my hip doing weird things and hurting a bit from sitting in the same position on the plane for so long (7hrs in the air total).

I was doing really good about wearing my hand brace at night for my thumb but then over break i got lazy and stupid so that pain is coming back, tho not as bad as it was (course I start school tomorrow.. and the next 4 days I'll have 6hr lectures I'll need to be taking notes for..woops. May need to wear my brace in class methinks).

So until it calms down, I think im gunna try wearing it around the house again like the doc told me to, wear it when I work out (getting my butt back to curves tomorrow) and when i sleep and have lectures... no need to extend it more than i need to and stress the poor joint anymore.

Its been really nice not having other joints act up though.. its also felt really good being able to be more active. and losing some weight is an added bonus. =) (when i went back home... i kept getting "wow, have u lost weight?" and various things.. only 10lbs but apparently it makes some kind of difference...

It really helps my motivation for going cuz im NOT going just to lsoe weight or for some superficial reasons.. im going to try to be HEALTHIER and to hopefully be easier on my body and to maybe prevent un-needed pain/ligament issues by keeping my muscles stronger and healthier.. i also found i tend to do my PT exercies when I'm in work-out mode too.. well, not as much as i should but far more than I do usually..

2 months until I graduate...and my whole life changes again.. oh wow!! I'm also thinking of relocating to Austin, Tx area for first nursing job... my boyfriend and i keep discussing it. cuz of the unfortunate news from my old hospital and the high unemployement rates (15%) and the complete lack of new-grad hospital jobs back home...and the good prospects he has for his emt/paramedic aspirations. ive put in a few applications so far in and around Austin, so we'll see?

gotta get to sleep.. i worked nights this wkend and then messed w/ my meds to see if i could decrease them.. apparently i can't, cuz today i couldn't get out of bed to save my life, slept thru 4 important phone calls, slept through 3 or 4 alarms, didn't send in my timecards so i wont get paid this week, didnt hear 3 txt messages, didnt call the pharmacy about my meds, didnt pay my water bill, didnt get my book from the school bookstore and didn't goto curves... all because i couldn't wake myself up. ended up sleeping 14 some hours.. ugh. Have i mentioned how much i hate narcolepsy sometimes?

No more trying to decrease my damn meds. If I need them, I need them dangit. If it helps me have a life and FUNCTION, then sobeit!

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