Monday, January 25, 2010

arthritis it the ripe old age of 25

Well, I now know what arthritis feels like... my doc kept saying "but your too young!!" but she basically ruled out everything else. She gave me a nice splint/brace thing im spose to wear.. tho didnt tell me when i can stop wearing it... and told me i shouldnt be taking notes in class and such. Apparently I have early arthritis in the cmc/mcp joints of my right thumb and along the pinky side too, which is the pain ive had off and on for a few years now..
she gave me a script for hand physical therapy but we're not sure if my insurance covers she said i can also go on youttube and look up videos there if i want to.

i wanna try alieve/naproxin, cuz it has helped in the past and i dont have to take it as often as Advil.

its... kinda scary. i knew all along with the EDS thing that this was a risk or i guess, that itd affect me "someday" earlier than it was suppose to... but its scary in the whole.. im almost a nurse and i need my damn hands! somethings around the house i can alter or do things differently, like i have been the last 2 months (ie clasping the bra first and then putting it over my head) but in the professional way..and in the way that "this will never go totally away" - it scares me..
ive been fortunate enough with my previous injuries that they were temporary, itd hurt ofr awhile and itd go away, or i had to learn to do things a lil different to make it manageable, or i could get my SI belt and wear it when i need it, or do my PT and thatd take care of some stuff...
but this? it wont go away and i know arthritis... it gets worse over time! once its here.....its here. and i just need to figure out how to stop bitching and deal. period.
"so whys ur thumb hurt?' "oh, ya know.. arthritis."

Oh well. just got to come to terms with it and deal. accept it and move on. nothing else to do. and figure out different ways to hold things, grip things and use my hands.. and finish getting through school..

i need to get my butt to curves too.. i think with the new brace, i can limit use of my thumb and support my wrist and such.. so i can make sure i dont mess anything up more. Maybe i'll try going tomorrow after class... thatd be good..

it could be worse.
i need to shut up and deal.. and i need to do stuff to help either prevent more joint wear/tear or least limit it. and improve cardio and strength and tone and endurance.

and study for my lecture tomorrow on spinal cord injuries and hospice.... as i said, it could be worse. i need to stop bitchin and be thankful i can use my hands at all.

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