Sunday, January 17, 2010

more thumb bitching..=(

I seriously need to work out... I'm going to start having all sorts of other joint issues this quarter if I don't. I do Curves, and since they pretty much all require grabbing ahold of things, i'm leary about doing it. Moms advice "Don't" - but i'm stiff and sore and need to friggin move..and its a lil too cold to try to do stuff outside w/ the whole, exercise-induced-asthma deal.

why wont my body cooperate? we had a deal dangit! No breaking down till break, and then it needs to fix itself by the time school starts back up!

I worked on Friday, minus brace. I did a sitter-shift, and then forgot to re-brace b4 bed....hurts worse again, including a not-so-nice ligament that runs along the front knuckle of my thumb too. Very nervous about this week, but theres nothing I can really do. Have to do clinicals, Period. I'll load up on the advil and call it good i suppose, and hide any grimacing from the fellow nurses and esp my instructor. Its only 8 actual clinical days (not nearly enough for my last quarter b4 preceptor-ship), a hospice rotation and ED rotation...

Yea, i'm making a doc appt this week.

k.. back to studying. I'm tryin to bitch about it here to prevent me from doing it either at school w/ my friends back home who don't really understand..

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