Friday, January 15, 2010

i want a new thumb please

well, i got through the first 2 weeks of school and 4 tests in SIMS lab..including the med and math tests that couldda kicked me out of the program. yay! All while wearing my stupid thumb brace..

it still hurts. and im now very worried about my 3 days of clinicals next week. Lecture and writing didnt go so hot... i might attempt to bring my laptop next time but i dont think i can take as good of notes on it as i can written... hmm.. might be worth it to decrease the pain tho..

its been about 2 months now, so maybe its time i goto a doc.. i dont know what theyd do besides maybe give me a better brace. i could beg for a cortisone injection to get me thru this quarter.. but i dont think thatd help in the long run. and i cant keep it immobilized during work or clinicals.. but oh well, i should make an apt tomorrow.. worth a shot?

the joints on the pinky side are starting to hurt a bit worse too.. lil worried about that but not as much as getting thru this quarter. Oh and popping my thumb...BAD IDEA!! oh my that was a bad idea...

i have a lil over 5 more months of nursing school.. man i can't wait!

as long as i wear the brace 98% of the time, it only hurts when i use it.. otherwise, well, we'll not go there. but its still primarily the cmc thumb joint.

wonder if ring sprints would help someday... i only have 2-3 fingers i think theyd be beneficial for.. but might be worth it sometime in the future b4 i really need em on all my digits.

Oh, and I do in fact have Narcolepsy. lucky lucky me lol least i have an explination.. and stimulant drugs now that help me stay awake =) I got this one thats AMAZING! But my insurance doesnt cover it so i cant get more..(he gave me a free trial).. but, its so phenominally awesome to feel....awake. hah not to have this background desire to pass out 24/7. to be able to come home, sit something online, and then GET BACK UP! and go do something else. hah i dont feel wired or anything, just... awake. lol alert. i like it =)
while i dont want to take it every day (as prescribed), i think this will help me get thru my 6am clinicals a bit better =) i'll also be getting more ritalin or adderall since i cant have the wonder drug.... ritalin helps, but i dont feel as "normal" on it. havnt tried adderall yet.

ok, i think im gunna pass out... im tryin to stay up late cuz i told work id be able to pick up a shift this wkend, so i need to be somewhat on my night schedule.
and that way, i can start studying my butt off for the test next wk right b4 clinicals.

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