Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weather+joints+eds...i always forget

Well, the weather finally changed, which now makes total since for why the last few days i've been having weird joint stuff and pain again...and partially with the whole neck outta wack thing yesterday. It was all bright and sunny and around 70 degrees, so it didn't make since. lol but now its 45-50, cold wet and rainy... Kinda want a barameter do-hickey like mom has.

i want to take more advil, drink another cup of the awesome tea my friend sent me home w/ yesterday, put on a movie or tv show on the computer and relax.. and maybe take a muscle relaxer...

Debating whether i should take a muscle relaxer or not.. they are real mild and they are a lil expired now.. so id imagine even a lil less potent than before. I know 2 is bad, but 1 is hit or miss... I hate tryin to find a balance between helping the really sore and tight muscle and knots in my neck and shoulder (residual from the intense spasms it was doing yesterday).... and the possibility of more things going out of place and hurting more cuz of relaxing the muscle tension thats holding other things together (like my SI joint and my hips).. sometimes they've helped, sometimes i've been in far worse shape because of them.

doin a lot better than yesterday. =) No more spasms.. relatively limited range of motion wise cuz of the muscles being a bit ticked off still. cant tilt my head left, and can turn my head left w/ really controlled movements.. anything sudden gives me pretty bad twinges of pain.. the baseline pain is totally manageable though =) Yay for the gentle chiropractor who was able to put my C-2 back in place!

i dont know if its real or imagined, but my hand arthritis has been a lot better since ive been rubbing the Topricin on it..(when i do my neck, figure i might as well do my hands cuz it says its good for arthritis too). about 30min later i notice it feels a lot better... hmm...

i think i messed up my phone job interview for the nursing position in Texas, outside Austin.. =( i need to listen to all the good stuff ppl say about me and talk myself up. Phone interviews are also a lot harder than in person ones... i couldnt tell how the 6 people on the other end of the phone were responding to me! Felt like i was blabbing b.c of that.. and went stupid when they asked me my 5 yr plan (duh!! BSN and get into critical care.. and learn the most i possibly can! hmph. didn't answer nearly as eloquently as i wanted to)... aw well.. if i dont land that awesome hospital job, isnt meant to be, right? i'll know for sure in a week. but im not holding my breath (tho my fingers are still crossed cuz itd be an awesome opportunity hah).

Need a decent new-grad nursing hospital job... and *really* want to land one before i take my NCLEX ..so i can plan better and figure out if im gunna be moving across the country.

k.. relaxing time. im takin a muscle relaxer and hoping for the best!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on the interview! I hate phone interviews too. Hope you're feeling better. The weather here is up and down, day and night, and really creates havoc! take care!