Monday, May 25, 2009

stupid right hip...

i think my hip is confused...
My body and I are suppose to have an understanding, no injuries or severely disabling pain until after the quarter is over.
Now I did celebrate on Friday being done with Clinicals.. and met up with my one friend in Bellingham and had a few drinks etc..
but I still have 200 points worth (out of 300 for the class total) of tests in the next 2 weeks. and of course 2 weeks of lecture.

Last wkend every time i stood up i had problems with my hip.
Today, i'm having problems standing. It hurts a little just sitting here but not too bad less i move too much. Cant find a comfortable position.
But when i go to stand, it sort of feels like both the SI/Siatic nerve pain is there but also coming from the hip itself, i have sharp pains radiating around the hip and down my thighs when i either bear weight or lift off from bearing weight..

iv had something like this off and on before, that caused me to stand in one place for 10min after work one day. coworker was serious about getting me a wheel chair to wheel me to my car.
i refused. eventually it fixed itself sorta.

took me 10min to get out of the bathroom and come over to the couch cuz i couldnt put my leg down enough to walk..

I wanna know what is going on in the joint to cause it. Is it a sublux type deal?
Since i've never had a dislocation, im not entirely posisitve what a sublux feels like.. or how it manifests itself with some of my joints. and thats not exactly something one can ask just anyone..hah

Its obviously a joint problem like all my crap is but.. i wanna know mechanically whats up with it, i dont like having pain i can't explain.

not to mention it hurts. and while i get away with very minor walking for the next day or so, by tuesday i gotta be able to walk.

if i had my crutches inside and not up my stairs and in the locked shed, i would contemplate using them.

tried my sacroilliac belt placed a bit lower so its over my hip joint more and it didnt really help.. i tried wiggling it and moving it and a couple of the PT things i was taught to do when it comes to my SI Joint being subluxated..
but this feels more actual hip than SI... well honestly it feels like both. but SI i know what to do about usually... and the main symptoms indicate primarily hip. its lower, its more to the side sorta and radiating out and around.. and its not as much in my low back like it is when its mostly SI.

it did this last wk in addition to the weather-related pain and problems but it would stop after 40-50 seconds after standing in one place..
this isnt fixing itself yet.

i didnt goto curves all week. mom told me not too.. and then i got oober busy.
need to go this wk.
too much studying to do before tuesday though to go b4 then
that,and the whole.. pain when tryin to stand or walk thing at the moment.

i slept on my friends bed on friday cuz i was a bit too tipsy to head home and his bed is too hard for me. i kept having to change positions cuz my hips kept freakin out. weird feelings inside the joint and almost muscle-spasm-like-pain as it slowly builds. always happens on hard mattress'. i love my bed..its all soft and squishy and doesnt increase joint pain. =)

ok.. back to studying.. gotta find a way i can sit ehre without it tweaking out more... wish i knew whats wrong with it so i can find a way to at least not make it worse.. and possibly correct it.


BubbleGirl said...

Hey you!!! Come back!!!
We need to hear about your adventures!!!

lily said...

oh my god, i so wondered what subluxation felt like for years. i think that i sublux dozens of times a day in my SI and right AC joint of my right shoulder...but it wasn't until i reproduced the subluxation for my PT (gross feeling, ugh i hate it!) that she confirmed for me that what i feel IS subluxation!

Bendy_Clutz said...

Thatd be a good idea.. next time i have decent insurance and hurt myself and do PT again, i should do it for the PT person and ask!

Lord knows theres a lot more physical therapy in store for me in the future hah