Tuesday, May 19, 2009

weather pain....ugh

So.. i never noticed a change or increase of pain when it came to the weather till a couple years ago. and even then it wasn't too bad/severe. but every so often now, things just HURT and i dont know why. Joints mostly and radiating pain secondary to the joint itself.
This whole weekend my hips have been killing me. I was tryin to just take 2 advil instead of my usual 3 or so, just cuz my prof is anal about advil killing ur kidneys and i have taken a lot of advil reguarly since i broke my foot a couple yrs ago.
but.. damn!

i spent the weekend writing a research paper (Pancreatic cancer and the nurses role) and so spent a lot of time sitting. but i usually spend my weekends sitting and studying anyway..
but every single time i stood up, i couldnt walk right away. sharp stabby pains down my legs and feeling like my hips definitely were not where they should be or wouldn't support me at times. I've had similar sensations and minor variations of this, but quite this regular as it was all weekend. and this morning (err afternoon seeing as that i went to bed at 7am), I HURT.
Mostly again, my hips...achey, radiatiing, sharp, dull etc.. I have a sacro-illiac belt for my SI joint... i keep finding myself gripping on either side of my hips and tryin to hold em together.. so i m thinkin maybe i'll give it a shot again.
which i hate using it cuz well, it makes me lumpy Lol but it does help for my other SI issues i'll have sometimes...

so, tryin to figure out a reason for this increase of pain (and i had been doing surprisingly well for the last 4 or so weeks), I was thinkin about the weather..
its been 70 degrees for 2 days, then it was 50 degrees and raining all day yesterday. now nits about 55 out there and over cast..
so. i called mom, who is basically a walking barometer.. (and has at home to confirm her suspitions) and asked if shes had an increase of pain this weekend.
and she said "YES!" with her its mostly her feet this time but shes had her times of not being able to walk or move either. She said it is the weather and t he barometer changes.. she said her and my sister (who also has EDS and fibromyalgia like mom) have been pretty miserable this weekend.

well, there is comort in knowoing i likely di d absolutely nothing to trigger this. and that im not completely insane in my feelings of this new bad pains. well, cept now i can be all "DAMN WEATHER! ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!"....uh...maybe i'll keep this one to myself...haha theres a reason im posting here and not on my myspace..

what sucks is i gotta hop in the shower and then head off to bellingham to go pick out my patients for the next 2 days. so my joints really need to stay in place.. thankfully its the last 3 days of clinicals (2 days of on the floor and...amusingly enough, one day of following physical therapy around).

then clincals will be done this quarter. yay!

I asked mom about curves..cuz i want to exercise but im torn on whether it'll help or make me worse or if i'll even be able to tolerate it..and she suggested holding off completely till things even out a bit. She has more experience with this weather-related-crap than me (she's pretty much been a walking barometer her entire life, since she was 10 yrs old). She said things are inflammed and mad for no reason and stressing them out even more will likely make things a lot worse..
i have a feeling shes right this time..
if i had access to a pool, the idea of THAT sounds really good/nice... but alas, no pool or bathtub.
or hottub. lol

So i guess i'll pop 4 advil and take a long hot shower. then strap my hips in place with my belt..and be on my merry little way and pray things stay in place, mostly at least.

oof.. =(

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