Friday, August 14, 2009

stupid foot... i demand a refund!

whew.. guess its been awhile hasnt it?

body wise ive been doin better than expected for the summer..
ive hardly worked and that needs to change.
i have a boyfriend as of this last wkend... am now with the guy ive been in love with for a few years now.. =) we'll see how that goes.. we have a great friendship but he is going through some rough times and has a bit more to go through before hes out of the woodwork. i downplay my painful self though..and maybe i shouldn't.

spent the wkend at his place and i think a combo of his hard mattress and the weather changing had me sufferin silently for a couple days with sharp stabby sciatic nerve pain.. and i didnt want him to know so i just, well.. tried to keep my hand off my lower back and did my best to grin and bear it. hes known me long enough to know that i'm gimpy and stuff but... i dont know. probably not a good idea to downplay it so much but... *sigh*

I promised my sis awhile back that id bring her up here to where i moved to about a year ago to see my cabin by the lake and such... so shes here with me now. and i screwed up and she is gunna be here an extra day....
which well... i kinda wish wasnt so. im ready to have my place to myself again. its been a lot of yrs since weve spent this much time together and while its gone better than i thought it would, i think we're starting to...well, just have enough of each other. lol

oh ya..
so im sitting here screwing with my new phone, tryin to figure out how to get my ringtones on it and i wiggle my foot a bit (roll the ankle, normal stuff) and suddenly SHARP STABBY PAINS!!! ouch ouch ouch... i thought it was my neuroma pain but this is closer to my ankle.. and it is frighteningly similar to where i broke it almost 3 years ago... like, same damn spot..
so uhh...yea. it freaking hurts.
and i dont know what to do about it =(
i crutches are in the shed....
but even with em, i cant get up my little cement-like-steps cut into the side of the hill to get up to my car... less i crawled and i dont wanna do that.
im thinkin maybe something shifted outta place in there?
i dunno how to make it normal..
everytime i move my toes or move my foot much i get a very sharp stabby pain, thats pretty localized.
this freakin sucks.
i need to work.
i cant be foot-gimpy..
and i didnt even do anything to it!!

im hoping that it'll fix itself while i sleep...?

its very very painful though =(

i dont like it =( I hate pain i cant explain.. it annoys me greatly.

its not the kind of pain advil will help with... tho i took some anyway.

also doesnt feel like icing it would help it any..

its only when i move the damn foot.. when the lil bones try to go moving around... maybe something shifted outta place and trapped a nerve...? that possible??

i know my ligaments are loose and goofy.. just wish i knew what to do about it.. =(


MLee said...

I can relate to the dang foot doing odd ball things. My feet are normally well behaved, but every now and again, I just wiggly the wrong way and out goes a ligament. a few days later and it normally feel better. The ligaments in the feet are much more forgiving than the ones in the larger joints

Bendy_Clutz said...

Feet are tricky lil things aren't they?
How come my hips don't magically get better in a day or two after tweaking them out? It's not very fair. As bad as my foot hurt that day, in 2-3 days of taking it easy, I was back to normal.