Saturday, July 5, 2008

stupid hip

i've been really lazy this week..and my left hip is complaining of the lack of activity i think. its kind of annoying.. if i do TOO much, a lot of stuff hurts...but if i don't do enough, a lot of stuff hurts too. lol

usually its my right hip that bothers me (probably b/c thats the one i hurt like 4-5 yrs ago falling down the steps...and b/c my left foot hurts since i broke it a yr and 1/2 ago so i tend to favor that side and overuse my right side..). but yea, so left hip hurts. i want to go back to sleep but laying in bed ain't feeling so hot. it feels like its both in the hip joint/socket itself and my SI joint on that side. hmph.

Ive been especially lazy b/c i have a nurse friend staying here w/ me for a week. so i didn't want to work extra bc i kinda feel weird having someone at my house. i've been living by myself for 3 not use to this.
I also REALLY need to wash clothes and my workout clothes are included in this.. so yea.. hmph. been really lazy. gotta change that this week.

i just ate some cereal and took a couple advil. i gotta go back to sleep b4 work tonight. i was crazy tired (slept 3hrs) yesterday so i accidentally passed out at night.. and i gotta work all night tonight. so thats gunna goof me up. esp w/ my stupid hip hurting... grrr..

alright im gunna try to sleep again. lets hope that advil kicks in.

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