Monday, June 16, 2008

random sharp stabbys...

well i did PT for awhile and she helped me out a bit i think.. and when i started slacking on the stuff, i notice my hip flexors doin what they shoudnt etc..
i also managed a car ride, 4 hrs...on the way back i think i only stopped once and the only rebounding SI pain i had was just kinda twinges and annoyance pain for a couple days. not bad!

my knee today has been hurtin.. but only when i sit a certain way. its annoying more than anything but i hope it doesnt keep up cuz i have work the next 3 nights and id rather do it w/ just my normal foot pain than knee and foot.. i think it must just be kinda shifting wrong or something?

coccyx feels bruised/painful but i didnt do anything to it.. so thats kinda new. hope it goes away.

im gunna miss my 24hr fitness membership when i move. they apparently dont have one in town.. so i gotta cancel it. tho im gunna try to use my gym at the school for cheap/free..

i was working out the other night and usually i start on the bike but i couldnt cuz my knees were doin weird things (PT lady said its caused by my patella sliding over to the side way more than it should ever go as i extend sometimes.. ) so i did the treadmill for 20min instead till my foot and hip were bugging me.. then i did the weights a bit and got back on the bike and my knees were trackin right the 2nd try! yay!

my mom understands what i mean when i explain things like that..why smetimes i can use one machine and other times i can't.. i stopped tryin to explain it to most ppl cuz they look at me like im weird. good thing i workout by myself anyway..

i got my 2nd pair of orthotics too! yay! so i can wear my 'nurses shoes' with everyday clothes now cuz the inserts are thinner so they fit in those shoes. =) not as cushy soft as my other ones i wear for work but.. way better than w/out!
damn neuroma.

okie im gunna goto sleep.. ugh. i dont wanna goto work.

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