Thursday, April 10, 2008

Physical Therapy...sounds promising

PT went well. she said she realllly didn't like the laxity in my knees. she is surprised i don’t have more pain. she was wiggling my knee cap around and twisting and bending my knees and was like ’ that doesn’t hurt?" lol also explained the weird not quite pain feeling i get when i do certain things (in a pool..or sittin down..lift thgh up and straighten my knee.. its a weird...tickle/feeling almost under my knee cap)...apparently when i straighten my knee, my knee cap gets pulled out to the outer side instead of verticle.

she also said my weird cramping sorta feeling i get in my hips is super weak hip flexors. and that my hamstrings aren’t really ’tight" but that they are just severely overworked. cuz they are tryin to hold things in place and work for other my hip flexors. and gluts.

Basically... I have all-over flexibility/laxity in all my joints. (surprise! ;) so my muscles have ’adapted" to try to hold things together/in place. she was comparing the differences of how she’ll treat me VS a normal person. no stretching exercises. I stretch too much as it is. working on strength instead. and cuz damn near everything i do that flexes or uses the hip flexors.. causes bad bad bad cramping in my hip socket.. shes starting me out crazy slow and basic. apparently next wk I getta hop in the pool. (hey least this time i’ll be able to walk in!! last time i had to sit on the damn chair and be dropped in Lol stupid foot)

she gave me 4 things to do. all very basic. and very easy. have to do em at least once a day.

she said my quadriceps and hamstrings are both pretty strong. i need to work on: not using my hamstrings for damn near everything (..she had me do this thing where i was suppose to default back to using my quads...but my hamstrings kicked into gear instead and she was all "huh thats odd cuz ur hamstrings shouldn't even be working in this position!" lol
-when i get the right muscles firing and the hamstrings to calm down...things should be easier. like walking/standing/stairs etc. and getting my knee not to pull to the side should make stairs a lot more comfortable..

and i need to get my hipflexors working properly.

those 2 first steps will lead to helping me a lot in the long run. and getting everything else working properly. gotta develop the muscle tone in all the right spots...cuz right now its in all the wrong spots!

so that was pretty interesting =)

she said shes never treated EDS before but she does have a marfans patient right now.. (which is another pretty similar connective tissue disorder with hypermobility).

im amused by peoples reactions to how lax things are. it is quite amazing i don’t have more pain. I’m just worried about as i get older the pain gets worse. like theres more wear and tear on my joints. and things get even more lax. cuz I have significantly more pain now than i did 5 yrs ago. hence..PT NOW! and getting in shape NOW.

when i mentioned all my ligament related injuries..she was like "woa..but ur just kinda use to it eh?" "yup pretty much. which is why i never thought much of it before. been hurting myself once a yr at least almost since i was in 4th grade. i just figured i was a clutz"

I told her about my foot and how i know thats impacted things over the last yr and 1/2 in my hips and how things work. and how when my foot hurts it flares up my hip..

she said why sitting in one position too long (over an hr) causes SI joint problems.. is that "normal" peoples ligaments stretch and relax after so many minutes in one position. but mine probably stretch two or three times asmuch as the average person. so when i go to stand up, things are imbalanced moreso than they usually are and that tweaks muscles and joints and things hurt. which is why i move around a lot/change positions/shift. she said its probably an unconscious thing.. iv been like this my whole life so i always shift around subtly to prevent things from settling too much and being too stretched out and causing disturbances. hense in a normal chair.. im okay cuz i move around but in the car ride.. no where to go so i stay in the same spot...hence the increase in pain and problems and all my SI joint/muscle spasms i was having last month.

she said i shouldn't do the gym until we get me straightened out or im setting myself up for injury based on how i’m presently put together...

overall i think she was pretty cool...I want to goto the gym though and she told me i'm not in a good spot to goto the gym right now. Not for awhile till she works on making things work right.. BUT I WANNA GO! and I'm payin for it.. so I don't know what I should do or could do that won't hurt the progress i'll hopefully be seeing w/ her....maybe i'll ask when I see her on Wednesday. i wanna do cardio stuff.

I also had an appt with my orthotic guy. who laughed and has never seen an orthotic be so torn apart and worn down as mine were in a mere 3 months. lol he literally laughed every time he glanced down at them. So he glued it back together AND said hes making me a whole new ones!! So i will have two pairs!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy dance* I also am going to check out Jays Wide Shoes and When the shoe fits to find decent looking casual shoes that'll accommodate my size 10s and super super wide feet w/ my big ol cushy orthotics. He recomendedboth places. the When the Shoe fits place is where I got my tennis shoes (easy balance) when I was getting back on my feet last year.. only place to have good shoes that i could wear that helped me relearn how to walk.

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