Sunday, March 30, 2008

muscle relaxants and a hip massage

so.. muscle relaxers seem nice at first, but i end up being in way more overall pain afterwards.. its like it relaxes the muscles that are holding things in place and then things don't stay where they should and i get this rebound effect of pain, and usually not even in the joint that i'm taking the muscle relaxers for! its...frusterating. I hate narcotics.. they make me feel horrible. but i'm not liking the muscle relaxers too much either. So far i haven't found anything good to take when dealing w/ the EDS issues.

I crashed at my friends house the other day and i woke up hurting..with that hip laxity again and uncomforableness. He ended up offering a low back massage and found this spot that hurt but felt good..and he found all these crazy tight muscles in my hip/very low back/near butt area that HURT and were amazingly tight.. after a good hour+ massage in that area..he worked out the muscles and wow it has felt good ever since. wonder if its gotta do w/ the "tight muscles-holding joints" problem.. like w/ my super tight hamstrings and loose hips.. cause its all interconnected and stuff.

one more week till PT.. yay.

it seems to come in waves..sometimes i'm hurting more than other times too. like sometimes things are looser.

Havent been making it to the gym this week =( i want to i want to i want to! need to stop coming up w/ excuses.

its WAY past my bedtime but i slept like 12hrs...till 2am hah. woops. now its almost 10am and I have to leave for work at 6pm. shoot! still not very tired.. just munchy. ate like 3 pickles lol. aw well. must force myself to sleep.

Also need to figure out insurance companies for when i move this fall for school...if i'll go through the school or state or what I'm going to do.. I have to have medical insurance. I can't go without. so i guess we'll see. my income is going to go wayyy down when I'm in school so I think i'll qualify better for state stuff than I do right now. I'm afraid to go even a day w/out medical benefits!

okay time to try to sleep..


Girl, Dislocated said...

Couldn't you use the student health insurance at your school? That's what I'm counting on when I go to grad school this fall. Until then, I'm sort of screwed.

As for muscle relaxants, I've only found them to be useful for the times when muscle spasms were keeping my dislocated shoulder from going back into place--but I don't have the overall muscle tightness that you do. Hopefully the PT improves things!

Bendy_Clutz said...

I think i'm going to look into that once I start school.. any insurance is better than none!

i hope so.. figure it won't hurt! I have a page or two of info i've collected from the EDS foundation and comments people have written I'm going to go in prepared with. I'm not expecting the PT dooder to know what I'm talking about.