Wednesday, March 26, 2008

my hips hurt when I try to sleep..

I'm new to this EDS-weird-things-i-do-having a name thing.. Sometimes when I'm trying to sleep, laying in bed is uncomfortable. My new squishy bed, i get this way less frequently but its a strange pressure/feeling on my hips in almost any position. Like if i stay there for more than a min as i'm trying to relax, my hip sockets aren' they should be. Like the pressure is directed on the socket and its moving too much or tryin to shift out of place. Its not really a PAIN thing but more of a uncomfortable'll turn into pain if i stay put though I can't usually tolerate it and I have to get up and move around.
Its annoying. and i never knew what it was until It happened again today and I was thinkin about how I could describe it and why its doing that...

Its nice to have something to blame for some of my oddities =) I never knew why I was such a clutz..or why I always hurt myself WAY more than any of my I do!

Apparently there was a misunderstanding about my physical therapy appointment.. its not until April 8th! dangit.

I was doing what I shouldn't do at work heh... i mentioned going to PT in the morning (I work nights at a hospital) and she asked why and I explained about EDS and my hip problems and she was intrigued so I elaborated a bit. "So your like...double jointed?" "Sorta yes.. but its a little different." and I told her about the muscle differences...showed her the back of my hamstrings..which are WAYYY too tight (it kinda juts out if u feel for it) I proceeded to show her the trick my hip does.. I didn't know it wasn't normal until a few months back when I showed my best friend and she freaked out heh. Its easier to do laying down but Ive found I can do it standing or sitting too.. but its kinda like i'm moving my hip in the socket to a position it shouldn't be and it juts the femur out a bit and u can feel this.. movement/jerk in the hip as things move. So i was all "here, put ur hand right here..." and then i moved my foot just slightly and it did it and she was all "WOA! what the heck?!" LOL! I know its bad..and i KNOW i shouldn't do it..cuz it puts more strain on the hip joint itself and I have enough laxity in there... but the reaction was amusing.
I didn't know not everyone did this.. I use to think it was just something everyones hip did. Apparently not.. I've shown it to a few ppl since, just to see if it IS an EDS thing or my hip thing..and no one else can figure out how I do it.

I also decided I wanna talk to the PT about my shoulder... just to see if its more lax than most too. Its never dislocated but I have super tight muscles in my shoulders (lots of muscle knots and "tension"- ALWAYS have) and i'm wondering now if maybe its like it is with my hamstrings... super tight to hold things in place. cuz i can do more things w/ my shoulders now that I'm more aware of everything.. it feels like i can put it in a certain position and it almost goes outta it moves too much and if i stressed it anymore, it'll start to hurt and could dislocate.

I'm still learning things about my body and tryin to be more in tune and more aware of everything.. and seeing how much of it all I can attribute to EDS.. my manifestations of it arent too severe...but what scares me is looking at my mom.. shes 54 yrs old and shes in bad shape.. and i asked her recently if she had the kind of problems I do now when she was my age and she said she didn't..she'd say I'm in worse shape ligament wise than she was...
so that scares me a lot....
and i've read about people taking a turn when they turn 30 (mom said she was 30 when most of her oddites really caught up w/ her and started causing problems) I don't know. I just want to be more aware of everything and KNOW what my body is doing and be able to prevent stuff best I can and deal with it as it happens.

and never go a day without medical insurance....

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