Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ouch ouch ouch..

Everything hurts. Partly joint related, partly this new temporary gig i took (3 week contract) as a "Transporter" for the PACU unit of a major hospital (my 16th hospital i've worked at now.. i love per diem agency work sometimes).

No nursing job yet.

Take my boards on Tuesday..

Between working 10 hours, and a longass commute, I'm gone for about 14 1/2 hours.. tho presently its only spose to be 3 days a week for the contract.

and when i say everything hurts? Oh damn.. my shoulders, hips and feet are the worst. Usually...when moving a big ol' heavy as hell patient bed with a patient and all their stuff, you have 2 people do it, cuz those things don't usually go where you want and..oh yea, they are HEAVY AS HELL. And most of my nurses? "Oh that job is killer, I like my back too much! I wouldn't move those beds by myself!" - Oh geee, thanks for not coming with me when transporting ur patient then!

my muscles hurt, thats expected. eps the ones i obviously havent used very often lately Lol. Also woke up with 7 new bruises on my arms. including one real big one on my right forearm thats raised and hurts a bit if i bump it even lightly. and a bunch pretty close together on my left forearm, kinda small, bout the size of the pad of my finger.
partly related to the wonders of EDS and possibly partly related to the aleve im taking again..happened last time, but ive only had it for 2 days this time..(last time it took 2 weeks of solid regular dosing to happen).

...the aleve works better on keeping the arthritisy pain at bay though..

my joints are complaining, a lot. hips and shoulders keep thunking.. i just need to get thru one more 10 hr shift tomorrow, and then i can just rest, sleep and study for my boards from thur-mon, then take the test tuesday. damn..

then after thats over, i can let myself start worrying about the whole, offically being kicked out of her house by July 31st thing... and my complete lack of money, and my lack of a nursing job.

i have a friend back home (4 hrs away) who offered to let me live with her for awhile.. she has a spare room (and a hot tub hah). So thats my option unless something happens very soon. then maybe apply like mad to all nurising home jobs in the area since every single hospital refuses to hire new grads there.. (Ive been in hospitals for the last 5 1/2 years.. i HATE working in nursing homes..)m the market for new grads here sucks, but the market there sucks even more despite lots of big hospitals both places.

(and because of my background and how I am, what my preceptor and instructor said..is i dont need a stupid 6+ month with 2 year commitment "residency" position.. give me 1 month of following me around/preceptor-deal and i'll be fine.. hell my preceptor told me that im not only "better than" him when he was a new grad, but that "You probably surpass me even now...and i've been a nurse for 2 years!"..) - not to toot my own horn here but thats what i've been told by a nurse who followed me around for 100 hours!

cant think about it now.
got to sleep.
got to shower.
not in that order..

got to make my muscles and joints ease up.. or if they wont, just pllleeeeaaassseee don't go too outta wack just yet. i cant do this job if im gimpy. everything feels like its just holding together with someones used already-chewed-and-smooshed-on-the-sidewalk gum..

Oh yea, and my vitamin D levels were 14... now im spose to take 2000iu of vit d daily and 500mg calcium 3x's a day.. ugh.

shower time.. and then hopefully my extremely week-long-sleep-deprivation will take care of the whole, im still mildly coherent thing and freaking better shut my brain off...
and maybe wake up in slightly less pain...?

K..so i showered. and i counted..
over 20 or 21 bruises over everything i could see w./out a mirror.. wow. thats quite a few..tho some are pretty small, most perfectly roundish except the 2 or 3 pretty bad-looking ones..they look to be specific trauma related lol tho i dont recall banging my arm or my leg on anything recently i must have.

... i wanna keep taking aleve.. this sucks.

oh, and wherever i end up by Aug? I want a bathtub damnit! 2 years i havent had a bathtub... i have an AWESOME kickass view of the lake, and an awesome porch and yard.... and i live right on the lake... (in my dinky 350 sq foot cabin hah)... but ohh i want a bathtub..
if i stay with my friend for a lil while and throw everything i own into a storage unit that'll magically pay for itself, she has that hot tub AND a jet very deep bathtub lol =)


to self: head, please the heck up and let me either not dream, or dream something amazing.. and NOT work, nursing, job hunting,school, moving related...

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